They are leaving...

In this wonderful morning, i was driving happily in my car bathed in the warm morning sunlight, heading to SheenYeen's house. This Forever-Small-Kid even seems so delighted for being the first friend of mine, to sit in my car, driven LEGALLY(lol) by me. Feeling light-hearted, we chit-chatted on the way to school and as we met Mandy, a different feeling suddenly grabbed our heart.

Heart no longer beating wild. It was surrounded by sadness.

Mandy and Hui En are leaving us next Saturday!

On the freaking Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan, which SUPPOSED to be something...happy.

And one more freaking week left!

The announcement of the news was so sudden, it even made SheenYeen to tear on the spot. Both of them are leaving to S'pore, Mandy to Singapore Polytechnic and Hui En to Ngee An Polytechnic. Out of a sudden, two of the funniest girl in the gang are leaving. How can us don't miss you girls?

Mandy, one of my bestie that have been witnessing my growth for almost a decade. My best friend during Standard 4 to 6, my art teacher that corrected the deformed kissing lips that i've drawn (eeekkk!), my french-fries supplier for i was the one who helped her to buy the western food from the irritating canteen aunty. Back then, she was DEFINITELY NOT as sesat as she is now. LOL. The ONLY sesat thing i could remember was mistaken another girl as me, and cleaned her finger on her shirt instead of mine. HAHA. After that, we doubted that she got struk by lightning or being brainwashed by alien, which contributed to her current sesatness. *Ahem*.

Nevertheless, without her around, Where can we get another pao-freak which gone crazy whenever she saw a pao-stall? Where can we get another girl who always lost her belongings? Where can we get another girl which is able to have everyone in stitches, with herself still looking blur and not knowing what was happening? Where can we find another girl who screams "I want!!" like me, whenever we see a pink VAIO laptop? Where can we find another girl which have her own definition for cute guys, and categorize some very un-cute guys as CUTE guys (HAHAHA! You know what i mean right?)?

And the list keep going on.

I'll definitely miss her random suggestion to go lepak, her typo error in her blog and msn(OK, i'll still get to see that. XD), chasing her in the swimming pool for she is unable to swim, teasing her over uncountable stuffs (seriously!), her ability to consume 5 (or 6?) iced Milo in a day, her style of calling the waiters in SMC, her way of playing shooting game in arcade...

It is all surrounded over her sesat-ness.

Sad la. Suddenly you are leaving. And i'm gonna miss so many things. Really many things!!

See lah!!! Who is the one who is so hyped over Form6, suggested to buy the uniform of Form6 when everyone is discussing about important stuffs, and now leaving us?? =(

Hui En, or what i (or rather, WE) preferred to call as PATTY, will be another person that i'll miss too. The person that have the highest chance of getting the JPA scholarship among us, i reckon. Similiar to Mandy, she is just so slooooooooooooooooooooooww, yet at the same time, have such ability to hold the post as president for 3 societies. 3!!! OhMyGosh... Even though we have only be very close in Form4, but you never failed to be one of the person that make my stomach ache for laughing too hard. Not forgetting *ahem* how you disturbed me during the Integration Camp in Form5. AHEM!!! How could i possibly forget that! Bully me and telling everyone i'm "Two Mountains". Aih, aih..

Oh, by the way, Hui En ahhhhhh~ Why you always talk so fast huh? Be it over the phone or face-to-face. HAHAHA. Will definitely miss you, our Drama Queen.

Please learn to be faster Ok? Learn to cross the road! wahaha!!

Sesat + (Normal girl. Wee~) + Slow.
Take care, both of you. Even though S'pore is wayyyyy smaller than Selangor (Hey! I checked the map!) but doesn't mean that we don't need to be worry over both of you. I wonder what will be the chemical reaction between sesat and slow. Hmmmm...