*Sniff* Helloo *Sniff* everyone... *Sniff x 2*

It is such a miracle (ha-ha-ha) that i slept reluctantly at 2a.m.+ (i mean, i want to sleep EARLIER!) and woke up willingly at 7a.m.+ today. So weird.

I used to think that patient-needs-more-rest but it seems that this principle doesn't apply on me?

Oh great. I exercise almost everyday, eat wholesome meal almost everyday (with the exception of junk foods. Ahem.), and i'm still sick. Bohooo..

No~ i dont want to lose my voice this time! =(

Someone get this for me please:


One more unrelated thing i want to mention here:

I got honked by more than 1 time by those bloody drivers just now.
What more infuriating was what happend at the 2nd roundabout:

To THAT particular idiotic driver behind me just now,
If you are NOT patient enough, just dont stop your car behind a P-plate car next time.
I know i'm Oh-So-Noob, i didn't dash forward like what the people did in Fast&Furious AT THE ROUNDABOUT,
I was at fault for being TOO CAUTIOUS or TOO TIMID/COWARD/CHICKEN because it was drizzling out there,
I SHOULDN'T observe the cars (or even LORRY) speeding from the right, i SHOULD have just step on the accelerator until it breaks so i can FLY ACROSS the roundabout.
That's what your microscopic brain was thinking RIGHT!

Ugh. Speed in your bloody hell. Whoever you are.