SMKKK High Achiever Award Giving Ceremony 2009

or, in another word, Hari Anugerah Kecermelangan Akademic 2009. =P

I was planning to roam in the slumber land until 7.30a.m. and i was waken up by my dad before 7a.m. Ahhhh~ Fine. Reached school around 8.15a.m, and met with Pn.Khursiah who gave me a big hug. Met with the others afterwards, and everyone started to place their butts on the chairs not-supposed-to-be. We wasted the school's effort (And printer's ink!) for naming the chairs with our names. Ble-he-he..

It started with the typical enervating talk so the formal Form5's (or rather, us) just start to talk, camwhore, talk, laugh, more talk, bla bla bla. Skip this part. Let's go to the photos!

Our lovely Additional Mathematics teacher, Pn Ong. *Applause*

Our strict-yet-still-so-popular History teacher, Pn. Reetha *Cheer!!*
LOL. Her students will screeaaaaaaamm when she's on the stage, for every single years!
By the way, due to laziness, the photos below are not arranged chronologically. *Yawns*

2 of my favorite teachers, Pn. (Jaclyn!) Chan and Pn. Ong. They paid the bills for our lunch--din sum. A BIG THANKS TO BOTH OF YOU! Not only for the lunch, but for lighten up my high school life. =)

Phaik Imm, Sheen Yeen, me. Find the one of the similarities.
Answer: None of us are over 160cm. Or maybe, not even 155cm? *weep*

Group photo. Yeah~

Random. HAHA.

Photo taken with PehGe's cam. Different pose, same intention: Proud parents snapping photos of their successful child on stage. Daddy with his weird facial expression. LOL!

Captured by our future part-time professional photographer, PehGe, again. Nice angle! I want a camera like that la.

My silly face appeared on stage for 3 times. LOL.
By the way, to anyone (i doubt there is any) who listen to my biodata read by the teachers, IT WAS NOT THE ORIGINAL VERSION. OhMyGosh. I never-ever-never-ever-ever said that craps like "There is nothing than man can't achieve" or whatever. AND, it is SO clear in my mind that i wrote ACTUARY for my ambition and they changed it into ACCOUNTANT. Gah. At the first thought, i assume their eyes interpret the word ACTUARY wrongly but NO. As i stepped out from the school and paused my footsteps at the Bulletin Board, it was the word ACCOUNTANT in my biodata, substituting the word ACTUARY.
I was completely baffled.
I reckoned that they have no absolute idea about this thing called "Actuary" but i doubted my assumption. After all, it is the BEST JOB in US. Gah. I should have written PAEDIATRIC in the first place even though i might gave up this dream of mine. At least, they know what is a DOCTOR right? LOL.
What the funny.
Additionally, they took away the line "All work no play make Jack a dull boy" from my biodata. WHY WHY WHY??????? I should have listened to Sheen Yeen and put the edited version of the idiom there. HAHAHA.
Moving on,
Clockwise direction: Chay Fhun, Yasmin, Phaik Imm, Sheen Yeen, Mandy, Hui En.
Even it was just a few hours interval, but looking at this made me feel distanced with Mandy and Hui En. Yikes. They are currently deep in slumber on their beds in S'pore. Ahh~

Clockwise direction: CKK, Irfan, Jacky, Keith.
Argh, i think i need to attach a 30cm ruler on my head in order reach Keith's height. ARGH!
And, apparently my idea of looking taller by a little bit beside CKK and Jacky failed tremendously. Youngest bro pointed out and said "Cheh. So fake." FINE! FINE!

My awards. Let me "chuan" for one last time on something linked to my high school. LOL.
By the way, saw that washing-machine-look-alike thing (Again, my bro said so. Gah)? Instead of an award, it is actually a present from school. SHOULD be something multi-purpose (Pen holder+alarm+calender+thermometer+clock. Sounds pretty cool eh?). SHOULD be. But now it has unfortunately being downgraded into single-purpose pen holder. Aww. Dear mini-washing machine, I know you are sobbing inside. Will get a nice battery to cure you soon. =)
One more thing. I even doubt that the robe i wore was the SAME robe i donned in for the PMR award. Woots. Same person, same sweat (!!!), different award. HAHAHAHAHAAH. *Sounds so wrong*. After 2 years, i STILL insist that the robe is ugly. LOL. Don't punch me in the face.

Next post will be on matriks. Matriks. MaTrIkS. MATRIKS. MATRIKSSSSS!!! Argh. I will explain next time. Gah.