Sheeeeeeeeeeen Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

LOL. I just realised that, you are probably my friend who has the most number of "E" in the name. What a record. Wohoo!

I'm refering to you, my evil twins, CHEEEEEEEEW SHEEEEEEEEEN YEEEEEEEEEN a.k.a. MissChew a.k.a Mit-Chew a.k.a. Peal-Banana a.k.a Xiao Hai Zi a.k.a Forever Small Kid a.k.a Mrs Snoopy

Woops? What was the last nickname i mentioned just now? Ignore it. =]

Today is 15th of April and thus,

*Kindly remove the "1" from "18". Peace*

This lil perky girl was considered as my evil twin, as she possess so many similarity with me, and most importantly, she's my one and only one "Xin Ling Xiang Tong" LaGong.

Xin Ling Xiang Tong = 心灵相通. I'm looking for the english term for it. LOL. Please inform me if you know.
La Gong = typo error from "Lao Gong" but I dont mind. It made me stand out from her 20 wives(!!!).

Apart from the fact that she is one of my bestie over 9 years, we are "xin ling xiang tong" as in we had same thought at the same moment, not for once or twice, but for uncountable times. Tell me, can all these be explained just with the word "coincidence"? =P

In case you are scratching the back of your head, here are some examples:

  • I was looking for info of “How body react to temperature changes” in bio text book, and out of a sudden, she messaged me asking the SIMILAR thing.
  • Greet each other in MSN at the same time.
  • Even our comps are XinLingXiangTong as their connection gone crazy at the same time.
  • If not mistaken, sms-ed each other asking the same thing at the same time?
  • Wore the Class-Tee to school on the same day (even though didn’t bump into each other)
  • And the LATEST ONE, both scored the lowest mark i.e. 14 in bowling. OMG this is something so NOT nice to be announced to the world. Blehhh...

Dear Sheen Yeen, even though,

-You gone craze over Snoopy and I’m against It. Oh well, not against la. Tak ada feel, boleh tak?
- You are a blue supporter and I’m voting for pink.
- You drive a auto-car and I own a manual car. LOL.
- I’m matured and you are STILL like a lil kid! Ahem!
- I’m anti-SushiWithSeaweedAndFluorosenceColouredEggs but you are a big fans of them!


  • We are...EQUALLY SHORT, with you shorter than me by 1cm, of course. Don’t judge a person by the shoes.
  • We are both insane over numbers. CRIED FOR ADD MATHS! Let’s do that for Actuarial Science again. LOL.
  • We used to own our self-made waste paper basket!! Remember?? Standard3!
  • We love love love PIANO SONGS! And agreed that guys with superb piano skills are attractive. LOL.
  • Our very-old Maple characters oONanoPooOo and oOHahaPooOo have the same number of letters. LOL. This is lame. My Maple characters are left to rust. Heeee.


I'm so free i actually created such a long post for you. o.O Unbelievable. LOL


Happy 18th Birthday to my cousin, Chooi Ling too!!!! =D