Little Beans nowadays....

Note: I'm not referring to the edible little beans (lol). I assume that there are not much changes occured to those BEANS, except that they have became more organic (ha-ha-ha). I'm referring to the little kids, specifically my students.

I have only been teaching for 4 classes (or 8 hours) and it is enough for me to set up a post for them. I'm such a nice teacher. Blehhh...


JiaJiun, the branded boy. Not like he put on all branded clothes on himself, but at such tender age he actually knows about Honda, Toyota, and even Nokia. Oh my. I couldn't get a single idea about what is Nike or Adidas back when i was 5, i reckon. Kids living in computer-century!! I doubt that, for him, I am the "Nokia Teacher" instead of Miss Tee or Teacher YiTing.

Me: *took out my phone*
Him: Wah! Nokia ah?
Me: O_O How do you know that it is NOKIA?

Him: Teacher, your phone got game?
Me: Got la. But not nice one.. *unlock keypad, go to main menu, go to 'application', enter the game menu, play game*
Him: Ohh.. *took the phone, repeated what i did just now. EXACT STEPS.*

If only he can remember what i taught as efficiently as what he did in Scene#2. LOL.
Additionally, if you heard someone keep harping with the line "What are you doing?", ah, that's him.


Jun Yuan is another hilarious boy. With his coconut-hair, he is so PingDan(平旦)-look-alike. What in the world is that? Well, It is...

Umm. Ok. The living human is way cuter. LOL.

Anyway, this is the reason why i remember him:


Him: Teacher, where’s your child (or children?)?
Me: *taken aback* Huh??? Do I look like I have one?
Him: Yea.. You brought her (or him?) here just now right?
Me: *wondering which creature in the world that appeared in his eyes and innocently became my CHILD* Umm.. guess how old am I? Why do you say that I have a child (or children? Whatever.)?
Him: You are 5 years old.
Me: *Surprise* Oh?
Him: I’m 5yrs old, my (elder) sis is 5 yrs old, my (younger) brother is 5 yrs old, my dad, my mom, my nanny, my kakak....
Me: O_O

By the way, SheenYeen, when i asked "So do you think MissChew has child too?" and he nodded. Thus, stop laughing at me, saying my ovum primary oocyte got fertilised by unknown sperm at the age of 5.

Umm.. do i get that term right? Whatever cell it is. It is getting more and more unlogically 18SX (?!).


YangYang was another boy which seems to be brainwashed by cartoon series, his life is filled with all sorts of weird monsters. I mean, weird. He transformed the musang in his workbook into an unknown monster, with Fishball-in-Satay-Stick poking out of its head. He even suggested to send the dead ant to hospital, during Peal-Banana a.k.a MitChew (xD)'s class. What a heroic action?


Kim Yoo Kang!!! The little korean boy! I only taught him for once, up to now, and he was enough to leave a track in my memory. Why? Lets see what he did in my class:

Lick his finger.
Lick the table.
Lick his book.
Lick his (FLIRTY!) toes.

Practically everything.

OMG. That's freaking.. grossssssss. Futhermore, his eyes were so sepet, i actually thought he was sleeping when he was glancing down his book. LOL.


Not forgetting my favorite students:

JiaJia (The girl that attended 3 out of the 4 classes I taught)
Chelsea (My very first student!)
Isabelle (Whom JiaJiun called as MisterBell. O_O. BTW, MissChong, i saw your drawing in her book! Draw one SleepingBeauty for me too!)

And JiaWen (Who want me to accompany her to toilet after crying her lungs off. LOL), Bobby, just to name a few.

Of course, these are not ALL of the students there. I'm not even a part-time teacher with fixed schedule. I go when i'm needed. =]

As conclusion, the girls were nice to be taught. As for the guys, they were TOO FUNNY to be taught. Ahem.

It's great to talk to them instead of teaching them. Ha ha.