Hot and fresh: the JPA interview.

While some JPA scholarship applicants are waiting for their turns (to express relief!), i'm here in my cozy house, with my stomach newly-filled with delicious lunch, BLOGGING. Wahaha...

So, the Angel of Fortune must be kind enough for taking care of me today, as i was in the first round! Less waiting period = Less nervousness. Hehe. So not long after i sat down, it was our turn. I was the first in the list! Eeeekk! Five of us, all Chinese, 3 boys and 2 girls, enterred the interview room. Not as cold as i thought, which OBVIOUSLY, a good thing (How am i suppose to speak confidently through chattering teeth?). After greeting the 3 panels (If not mistaken, all doctors), and the interview session started.

And i was the first one who suppose to TALK.

What i did was as what i've known earlier: self-introduction in BM. So, bla-bla-bla, and it came to the climax :

"Sebenarnya saya ingin menukar pilihan saya kepada sains aktuari."


First interviewee who talked in this wonderful morning, and I sort of flung a big bomb to the panels, it exploded like the atomic bomb landed on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Ok lar. It was a bit of exaggaration. But think of it, the panels were expecting some cool answer from us, the doctors/dentist-to-be (Three of the interviewees chosed Medicine. Another picked Dentistry), and out of a sudden an alien who changed her mind to ActSci appeared from no where.


Nevertheless, i hope it did not affect their impression towards me. Throughout the interview topics were surrounded on the medical profession but i didn't mind. In fact, that's what i preferred, if you would want me to choose between economic-related and science-related question. Heh.

The three panels were friendly and donned smiles on their face throughout the interview. Good, at least that could reduce my nervousness. They were friendly and the discussion were consider great. A guy even almost sobbed when he talked about his grandparents who passed away due to illness. Manglish was heard once in awhile (ahem. That includes me), but i HOPE it didn't affect much. Afterall, i accidentally mixed up English and Malay language in my speech for a few times. =P

Overall, i admit i didn't stand out (except for the part that i was the only one who intend to change course, which was not something good). The only part i could do is pray for the best. Fate is written. If the scholarship is fated to be mine, it will be mine. If it is not, well, the door of Form6 is always opened for me (Just that i dont know which door should i step in! Ahh!)

By the way, my topic of discussion was "If you were offerred a job at overseas, will you accept it? Or will you choose to return to Malaysia?". Common right? Luckily not something deep. Phew..