Happy Birthday!!!

~ to my own bloggie. LOL.

Yea~ This page has officially survived over 365 days. The big reason contributed to its existance was the unecessary (and unrealised) exposure of my Wordpress blog on the world wide web. LOL. Thanks to the key word "SMK Bukit Kemuning", bla-bla-bla, suddenly realised that my old blog was being stalked, bla-bla-bla, and discovered that FINALLY my comp was willing to support Blogspot, bla-bla-bla...

And here comes :::Inverted Hourglass::: on http://www.pinkystaycheerful.blogspot.com/!!! =D

Umm. Wait. The blog name is not this at that time.. What was it, again?? Whatever.

By the way, it is not like i'm blaming the stalkers of my old blog. LOL. Because of you guys, i finally discovered the pros of Blogspot over the stupid Wordpress.


In the beginning, this was where i left some crap whenever i was bored.
And slowly,
It became a spot where i shared my happiness with the world.
A place that i keep contact (and updated) with the others.
A page where i expressed my deep inside feeling (Or, maybe not very deep, la).
A site that almost ruined my life (lol. Only myself knows why. It was over, anyway. Hee).
A webpage that substituted Google's place as my home page.

Whatever it is, I still love you, my blog.
I'll try my best to make you alive as well as i still got the time to breath.
Yea.. Until my backbone is being crashed by piled-up books again. He he.