I went for my JPJ test today. And it was such a unlucky day.

I chose a new car. But i "mati engine" twice while using it.
What an unlucky car.

I got the no.3 parking lot to do my side parking. The one that me and Ming Nee praying so hard not to get it, as it was where we "mati engine" twice yesterday while we were practising.
What an unlucky spot.

Later my On-The-Road test was arranged at around afternoon. Lunch hour. The traffic was like hell..
What an unlucky timing.

I was sweating like crap under the scorching sun.
What an unlucky weather.

I got a female inspector for my On-The-Road test, who according to the others, was the strict one.
What an unlucky me.




Despite all those unlucky-factors, i survived. Oh, Oh!!! Guess what's the reason for so? I was wearing my lucky shirt (to neutralise the unluckiness. LOL), the same shirt i wore on the SPM-result day,

my Class Tee!!!!!

OMGclassTeeIloveYouSoMuch. XD

Yours truly is able to drive LEGALLY in KK now,
Able to pay her debt to SheenYeen, not with kisses (As in, lips-kisses not choc-kisses. LOL), but with rides,
Able to laugh-out-loud as she's DEFINITELY not the last to get a drving license among her friends (Mandy, WAHAHHA!!),
Able to lepak with her Wira, now in KK, sooner at somewhere else (Yes Ai Wen, i promised to shopping with you. Soon!)

And, most of all,
need not to talk to the flies at the driving centre, or waiting like a dungu on the dirty chairs. =P

I will train myself to drive alone. Hehe.