Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor (Day 4)

Woots. It's the last day!

Supposedly, there shouldn't be any update on the things happened in today, because nothing happened. LOL. Not visiting any wards, or the E&A room for the 4th time (!!!), NOTHING. Practically, i spent my day waiting, waiting AND waiting.

We had our short Q&A session in that blooooooody cold auditorium hall. It is so cold, it made me feel like wearing those attire in Winter Sonata, even though i was already in two layer of clothes. Gah! I have over-sensitive cold receptors, anyway. =P

The leaders were suppose to stand up and give their point of views for this programme. But, somehow, the Deputy Head of HTAR had forgotten the number "7", so my leader, or rather ALL OF US, escaped from that. Wohoo. Since before that, the leader was looking around for someone to substitute his place. LOL.

Lunch was fried rice with strong vege smell that i hated. Boo. But it did not affect the taste of the rice, anyway.

Well, after that, it was WAITING TIME! YAY! *please note the sarcastism*. So, me, Wai Cheng, and Kim Khim just sit down, talked, talked and talked, which joined by Christine later on. Spent for almost 2 or 3 hours, just for that piece of Surat Pengesahan. Sheeeeeesh.

Went home at 3p.m. and yay, i don't need to come here tomorrow. So i can go to school, AGAIN!

By the way, I'm not sick now. Immune system functioning quite well. Heheh.

To conclude the programme, i'm here to list out the lines mentioned by almost ALL the doctors:

"Doctor is a very stressful job."
"If you come for money, don't come. Doctor doesn't earn as much as you think."
"The life during housemanship is like hell. You need to work 36hours non-stop."
"If you are studying medicine because of your parents, don't do so. You'll suffer."
"Many houseman actually regretted after they started their housemanship."
"If you really have passion in this career, go for it."
"You must be able to sacrifice. No computer, no TV, no movie, no social life."
"You'll be lacking of sleep."
"The divorce rate among doctors is high. As it is hard to balance the time between job and family."

yada yada yada....

And now I'm telling you, I'm still unsure. Since JPA doesn't offer psychology, i feel like changing my choice to actuarial science.

I couldn't imagine my life without computer, without blogging (lol), without social(!!!), without enough sleep (main thing that killing me), need to write for all the time, work for everyday including weekends but not even paid well, being reprimanded by seniors everyday, study till you die, memorising million of scientific terms, not getting a boyfriend at the age of 30,

and the list keep going on.

I would really LOVE to become a paediatrician. But the process in between is horrible. Have i told you that such process will occupy about 20 years of my whole life? Since, there will be 10 year bond for M.B.B.S. and another 5 year bond, if i'm studying specialised field under gov' sponsor?

People! Tell me what to do!! Argh!