Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor (Day 3)

One big question in the early morning: "Who want to go for on-call tonight???"

Umm, well, i signed up. Heh. In case you are thinking that i'm gonna stay in the hospital for this purpose, actually, i DIDN'T. It was just... extending the time of course to 9p.m. =P

Anyway, back to the stuffs i did this morning. Visited the surgical clinic together with Group6 (Wee~ We didn't follow the schedule again. Hoho). Me and another guy was assigned to the room of Dr.Tan, a very funny doctor. We stood aside and look at how he worked. There was one patient who talked about his family problems and the doctor and nurse were giving advices. After the man left, the doctor said, "See? We need to solve everything. Including such stuffs you seen in Hong Kong dramas!". Hahaha! On top of everything, he even took out his pay slip to prove that DOCTORS DO NOT EARN A TRUCKLOAD OF MONEY. Emm, seriously.

Especially, for JPA scholars, they have bond with the government hospital for bloody 10 years! Imagine that!

Anyway, our team doesn't look like a team today. Alicia was absent. Christine went exploring with her friend from another team, Ashlea. Amutha was so passionate, she stayed in the room so long and refused to come out (or the doctor refused to let her go, whichever way). So, I ended up with Izzati and Maryam. When we thought that our leader was still inside, he was actually wayyyyyy up in the library. What the?

Lunch was fried (salty) fish with rice. Met with another girl called Kim Khim. And, many people started to have themselves in the computer room to check the result JPA interview. Heh.

Afterwards, we decided to proceed to the visit to O&G clinic. So, i just sms-ed the leader and this is the result:

Me: We going to O&G clinic. Want to go?
Him: Wah so early ah? I think you all can go ahead cuz i'm in Jusco now. Hahah.

*Laugh my ass of the chair*.

Umm. No. The appropriate phrase will be "A bomb landed on me. And i was being bombed into million pieces."

JUSCO???? Funny weih. From the library, now he went all the wayyyyyyy to Jusco (to lepak?!). What the.

Whatever. Keep going on. The clinics were still in lunch hour, so after attempting to push and pull the door a few times (Until another nurse came and tell us that "IT IS LUNCH HOUR!"), three of us (Me, Izzati, Maryam) escaped with our stomach ached as we laughed out loud. That's so embarrassing!

So, we still HAVE to wait until 2p.m. to pay a little visit to the O&G clinic, looking at the process of scanning the stomach of a mother-to-be. Hey! That truly reminded me of such scene in Marley & Me. Hahaha!

Afterwards, we went to our last destination listed in the schedule, the Orthopaedic clinic. Yes we skipped 3A ward, but whatever. Hehe. Anyway the team before us took SOOOOOOOOOO long
in the room, it made the four of us to wait SOOOOOOOOO long, it made me felt like banging the door. LOL. Shoulder not strong enough for such purpose. Andrew got "scolded" by me as he was the only one i know from the four person inside the room. Too bad la. =P

No interesting case happened in the Orthopaedic Clinic. So we just stayed for awhile and left. And after that, it was the ON-CALL time!

Not that someone will really call us suddenly,telling you that "OMG Someone is dying here!!" and we have to dash at there at the speed of light. LOL. No. We just took a visit to the Surgical Department and E&A Department during the on-call time. Supposedly, larh. We ended up in the small on-call room of Surgical Department with Dr.Lam. A very "special" doctor indeed. Well, umm, that's SO straight forward of him. But well, what he told was the fact.

After having our lunch, we went to the 3A ward (that i skipped. And i still have to come here, anyway. LOL) and continue to listen to the talk from Dr.Lam. Three of the participant actually went INTO the OT room and witness the whole surgery. WOW.


Tada! There ends my third day of course. Curious with what are those discouraging words listened by the doctors? I'll try to list them out one by one at the end of the course. Hoho.