Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor (Day 2)

Today was not as bored as yesterday. Hee.

Met another new friend today whose name is Wai Cheng, from Bukit Kuda. And we talked a lot. Really a lot. From the typical-after-SPM-questions like “How’s your SPM result?” “Where do you study?” “Are you in college?” to “Haunted Shopping Mall” and almost went on to romance stuffs (but stopped as time is not allowing us to do so). LOL!!

Well, first we went to the Male Orthopedic Ward (5A), met with a houseman, Dr.William which was busy writing his report. Haha. But he was kind enough to give some explaination. Later we sneaked into 5B ward, which we were not suppose to go in, but it was still the Male Orthopedic Ward, so, why not? Heheh. We met with another houseman which graduated from Ireland, and was really passionate toward his job. At least, so far, he was the only one who said he really enjoyed his job. No discouraging words. LOL. And, our team get to witness how the nurses treat the wound for one of the patient, whose leg was cut off due to diabetes. People, stop eating sweets ahh!

We bumped into another group which is leaded by a really nice Sister and YESH! HERE COMES OUR CHANCE! After the experience of being “ignored”, we were smart enough to grab such golden opportunity. When we were suppose to go the the 3A Ward, we followed the sister to the Radiography Department, instead. Hee. It is not even in the list. But hey! It was fun! The whole bunch of us first talked to a radiologist, which encouraged us to specialize in this field as it is really interesting. But, radiology is one of the branch that need to read the thickest and most expensive books. Later we were too exposed to CT scan device, MRI device (using magnet), ultrasonography device, radiography devices (both conventional and computerized), etc. So cool. =P

Hmm... what’s next? Oh yea, my team went to the A&E Room AGAIN, this time with the sister. Yay. Fortunately, there were some cases in the room this time. There was one schoolgirl which seems to be having hysteria, screaming her throat off in awe, in the yellow zone. The doctor too gave us some talk while working. In the red zone, there was a granny who vomited blood. Near to her was a baby who kept crying. He/She look so pitiful. Suddenly, I got a slight urge to cry. Sympatise the helpless little baby so much.

Coming after that was the lunch with some actually-tasted-quite-good-lol Chicken Rice. And, no, I’m so not gonna touch the freaking-artificially-coloured-shocking-pink-syrup. =P

Moving on, we took a little stroll in G3 ward, which the patients are mainly suffering with Dengue fever. Shen Loong, that reminds me of you! Nothing much to be seen here, so we moved on to A1 ward, i.e. the Obstetrics & Gynaecology (O&G) Ward and saw some babies. Ahhhh!!!! So adorable! There was sleeping baby who winked at me and yawned before I left! Nyehehe~ OK la, those are some.. normal facial expression. Ignore the hyper-me. Gah.

We actually went into the labour room as well (!!!) and the team before us actually get to witness the whole process! What the! Emm, seriously speaking, it is not something that is SO nice to be seen. Afterall, it might frighten me and I might scream out loud that “NO! I’M SO NOT GONNA HAVE MY OWN CHILD NEXT TIME!”. Gah. Even though children were like the cutest creation in the world. Haha!

Supposedly, we had finished our visits for the day (even though we skipped 3A. Muahaha.), but since Sister was still with us, so she brought us to the Forensic room. Only 5 of us in the team, though. Another two went missing. So, we joined another team.

Forensic, Mandy, FORENSIC!

The officer, Mr. Saravanen did a good job. We had fun listening to his witty and humorous talk, and it benefits us a lot. Commonly, forensic science is about the application of science knowledge to solve problems in legal system, and used to be a part of pathology. Basically, forensic is divided into two branch: Clinical forensic (deal with a living person. Mainly the victim of rape case, child abuse, etc.) and those that are related to death. Bla-bla-bla. I got so much to write on, but, we can always wiki these infos. LOL. Not forgetting that the officer brought us to the room where they keep the corpse, and as he opened the door of freezer, OMG-IT-SMELLS-LIKE-CRAP. Wait, it was more like.. the smell of rotten salted fish (?!). Owh, whatever. The deceased were wrapped in clothes or plastics, so it was not like what on TV, where the doctor pull out the deceased from the freezer, with his/her still-very-handsome-or-pretty-but-pale face, and the family members started sobbing. LOL.

And we went home after that.

Wait! It was not the end yet! Apparently, there WAS someone there that I’ve known before 23 March 2009. I DID realize his presence BUT I couldn’t recognize him AT ALL. And this was what happened when I wanted to go home.

Yi Ting walking to the Daycare Centre.
The guy: (suddenly) “Yi Ting, no need to go back to the Auditorium Room. We can go home straight away.”
Me: *confused* “Ummm..... You are...?”(As he is neither in my team, nor I talked to him yesterday)
The guy: I’m ANDREW lahhhh!!
Me: Oh. OHH!!!! OMG I couldn’t recognize you! Last time you was.. same height as me?? And now you are taller! *Laughs*

*Conversation keep going on*.

So, yea. So embarrassing. He is Andrew Leong, my primary school classmate who I have not been meeting for 5 years. Back then, he was that short and chubby cute little boy. And now, he was TALLER, THINNER, SPECKY, and most of all, BOTAK. With those kinda genious-look and always has a pen in his hand to jot down practically EVERYTHING. Wow.

Can’t blame me mah. 5 years IS long enough! I guessed I didn’t change much, huh?