Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor (Day 1)

Day 1 was bored. Seriously.

And, how come there is NONE other student from SMKKK besides me? NONE. I’m the only one from the 70+ persons here. Why laaaa? The others went to other hospitals? Or, out of the 300+ ex-Form5, no one wants to become a DOCTOR? Or, THEY DON’T KNOW ABOUT SUCH THING CALLED JPA SCHOLARSHIP?

Eh, I’m not kidding, OK. Last week, when I was in the driving instructor’s car, on the way back to KK, this conversation occurred:

A girl (Who, I forgot her name): So, are you in college now?
Me: Umm, I’m currently waiting for my JPA scholarships *yada yada yada*
The girl: Huh? What’s... JPA? What does it stands for?

Seeeeeeeeeeee?? I guess there are so many rich people in KK, they have no need to hunt for scholarships like a starving wolf, like me.

Oh, come back. Where was I again. Oh yea! So, the doctor-to-be-s gathered in the Auditorium room, waiting to be divided into 11 groups. Well, my group was not bad. We were Group 7 which has 7 members (Lucky 7, man!), 6 girls + 1 guy.

BTW, Damn! The dressing code is formal. =(

We first went to the A&E rooms, i.e. the Emergency rooms which consist of Blue zone, Green zone, Yellow zone, and Red zone.

Blue= Observation room. Patient is stable.
Green= Treatment for fever, cough, etc.
Yellow= Semi-critical
Red= Critical

After that we went to the OSCC (One Stop Crisis Centre), where the victim of rape case/ molested case/ sexual harassment come to.

Then, we were brought to the call centre, which, as the name suggested, where the Hospital Officer receive emergency calls.

Comments: It is just a OK-OK talk, as it was not conducted by a doctor. We could manage to get some brief ideas only.

Next, it was the 2 hour lunch time! Two hour! On some tasteless chicken and tasteless-but-freaking-colourful syrup. Seriously, I would have die of boredom if I kept my mouth tightly shut. Gah.

Afterwards, we were suppose to go the the 7A (Female)and 7C (Ophthalmology and Dermatography) wards. Well, we were suppose to LEARN from those two wards but apparently, everyone was too busy to entertain us. Poor us. We looked like some sort of.. lost teens. Gah. Practically we just walk in and out from 7A ward. As for 7C, the matron was kind enough to answer our questions.

But seriously, what question am I suppose to ask?

I think we really need to look for a niceeeeeeee doctor, and stalk after him. =)

So, being the earliest group (again. We were the earliest for lunch too. He he.), we headed back to the auditorium room. Me, Christine, Izzati and Maryam managed to sneak into the library (oh well, we WALKED in with permission. ) to cure boredom. Finally headed home at 4++. So boring, it made my update of the day sounds bored too. LOL.



(Written on 23 March)