A Picky Shopper and A Confused Graduated Student.

I feel like a mixture of the two things mentioned above, today.

I almost went home with empty hands, after spending almost 7 hours crawling from one shopping centre to another. Oh kay, i walked, not crawled. The floors of Sunway Pyramid and Summit are not THAT clean for that purpose, even though they were both not crowded with lifeless shopper, like us. LOL!

7 hours! According to here, each of the five of us had burned at least almost (5 x 280) calories today, i.e. 1400 calories in total!!

Crazy. I'm just trying to convince myself that it-is-nevermind-for-you-to-eat-that-bathed-in-honey-toast-and-the-unnecessary-waffles-because-you-exercised. Boo me.

The main thing is not these craps. But the fact that, when i'm suppose to hunt for a NEW wallet (am i given a choice not to do so,now?), a pair of brown short pants, necklace with black string, small earrings, blah blah..

But i ended up buying something i'm not hunting for. LOL.

Never mind. I like it. Whee~ Thanks SheenYeen for "forcing" me to purchase it. LOL! This is what friends for, huh?

Almost every time, when i have the urge to buy something, i'll stand there long, flipping it, looking at the price tag, and start to consider one whole loads of things:
-Do i really need it?
-Does it worth that price?
-Can it be matched with other clothing of mine?
-Is the quality good enough?

Yada yada yada....

To prevent the Devil-YiTing from scolding Angel-YiTing with lines like "Stupid la you, waste your dad's hard earn money on these unnecessary craps!!"

No wonder my brothers will start screaming frantically (in their mind), whenever they see their elder sister moving her feet into any fesyen shops. LOL.

I'm just trying to be a good consumer, OK? Although it is really really really really irritating. *Smileeeeeeee*

As for the Confused-Graduated-Student part, maybe it will be more appropriate to change the word CONFUSED to LAZY. Gah.

After almost 3 moths of life without academic-related books, and didn't really touched anything related to academic, now it is the time, to do so again.

When i saw the advertisement for ASEAN and JPA Scholarships.

And I'm like a blind fish swimming in the ocean, not knowing the direction.

Of course, my main interest is in Medicine, but i think i should look for a few back-up courses. Who knows what will happen in future, right? And that's causing my head to ache.

Actuarial Science? I need more info for this. And i heard it is stressful.
Quantity Surveying? That's the job of my dad (lol), so if i'm choosing this, you can use the term "ikut jejak" on me now. LOL.
Accounting? Ever since i start working in a real Account Department, I don't feel like making this career as one of my option.

I need help la. Such a confused child.

So, dear readers, IF you have any suggestion for a blur-yet-love-maths-and-science person like me, pleaseeeeee inform me in the comment section? Will truly appreciate your help.

Back to JPA scholarship, it is even more confusing. Forget about this for temporary. Details on it not found yet. The only thing i know was that i'm suppose to participate in this Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor, which is coming quite soon. OMG la. I'm so not ready.

As for ASEAN sholarship, it is like.. so damn hard to get it. Gah. Thanks to my English. Nevertheless, i would have to start schooling in 2010 if i'm sooooooooo fortunate to be the lucky girl. What should i do in 2009 then? Can i start my Form6, and drop it after i get this scholarship? Waiting for this scholarship solely will be risky, definitely. If i don't start schooling in 2009 just to wait for this scholarship, what will happen to me if i failed?

Blah-blah. I lost my word. Thousands of question marks are jumping up and down in my brain, as if my brain is a spring bed for them. Sheeeesh.

Start talking nonsense again. Gah.

I hate making decisions. LOL.

Info-s on gathering are updated.
Ref: Previous post.