Hectic Life!!!

Lifeless no more. I mean, lepak no more.

I never expect my life after the release of SPM result will be thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss busy. Have not be hanging out for almost a week! I mean, with the exception of thosai-as-ransom-day and the gathering (And the whole-day-walk at TWO education fair!! )

Hunting for scholarships, here and there. To tell the truth my current hope is on JPA, only. Since the other courses that i applied for are not of my first choice. And this, made me even lazier to apply some yet-to-be-submitted scholarships, e.g. Sime Darby, Hong Leong Bank, etc.

More application of scholarship = More interview. Ahh!

Never mind. I'm gonna face it. Ugh.

And it was ALWAYS so depressing when it comes to the sports/co-curricular activities part. Sob, sob. No wonder i was always be mistaken as a bookwormmmmm. Oh well, people has reason for that.

Additionally, after looking at the amount of fees for my future course (Medicine! GASP!),
I think i should rob a bank. SERIOUSLY.

The fees of Medicine in private U comes with at least RM200,000. AT LEAST, OK!

So, if the headline for tomorrow's newspaper will be so: "THREE BANKS ROBBED BY A TEENAGE GIRL IN KOTA KEMUNING ". And yea, THAT'S ME!

Like i could reach there, in my Wira, SAFELY without banging into any trees nearby. But hey, maybe i CAN. My driving skills aren't THAAAAAAT bad, afterall. SheenYeen and CKK managed to survive after sitting in my car for 5 minutes. =D

And, and, the second batch of NS are leaving TOMORROW. And that, include Miss Shaunie Ng May Qi. It would be so weird not having your bestfriend's name appear in the Online section of Window Life Messenger, and her blog not updated, for THREE MONTHS! Gotta miss you, larh. Please miss me as well. As much as you miss the dude-that-gonna-fly-to-Bintulu-tomorrow, OK! *Wahahahahahahah*

Besides, everyone seems to be in thosai-fever now. Why, ah?
Maybe we should just get a day so i can settle my imaginary thosai-debt.

Umm. I didn't say anything. Have you seen anything. No right? =P

Next person who need to belanja everyone will be the JPA scholar. And this time, it will be something better than the RM1-thosai. Heeeee..

And i got a feeling that it will be Hui En's turn to take out her wallet, this time. Haha!

P/s: Might not be able to update for next whole week as i have to attend the Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Serorang Doktor under JPA. Whatever it is. LOL. Just hope that i won't get infected by germs at the end of programme. My immune system is not that good!

P/s/s: Another thing that made me consider whether i should continue to pursue my dream as doctor is, i might only get to sleep for 2 hours, or less, a day. Hell, i couldn't survive without sleeping. Except, if you expect me to mumble at you everyday due to insufficient rest. =]
And i freaking need Band5 (OR BAND 6!!!!) in MUET for Medicine! How great will my life be, if my English is as good as ZenJie/ Qisthina/ Pav/ which ever genius out there. Shoot me!