Happy Birthday to Daddy~

Ahha. Dad's birthday today. Send him a self-made card through email, which is made using Photoshop. Crap la. My Photoshop skill still sucks. Maybe, i should reserve some time in the day to brush up my skills. Heh.

Anyway, i came out with my OWN money for the dinner today, as a celebration for dad. But at the end of the day, Dad gave me an amount of money (bigger than the amount that i've paid) and said it was for the use of my next whole week. LOL. Funny weihh.

TOMORROW! The course is on tomorrow! Gasp!! And, guess what, i'm still unsure of the dress-code. Gah.

At the end of next week, Miss Tee will tell you whether she WANTS or DONT WANT to become a doctor. Seriously.

Imagine the life without enough time to social around,
When, umm, i go out to lepak with my friends, for at least once in a week nowadays.

Imagine the life which time is ALWAYS not enough,
When, umm, time is ALREADY not enough for me, now.

Imagine the life where i have to spend day and night, studying, working, studying.
Looking at my friends, getting married one by one,
And i'm still there, accompanied by nothing but books and medical equipment.

Most of all,

Boo. I really don't know whether i should continue. It is my interest but...will it suit me?

I don't know.