Grown up.

I felt grown up, these few days.

A fact that i once resist to accept, and maybe still feeling so, until now.

With every second, is a footstep nearer to this phase called "adulthood".

Ignoring the fact that my height of 150cm++ doesn't seems to be a figure belongs to most of the adults out there (lol),

And, being mistaken as the peer of my juniors (for more than once!),

And, still unable to drive a car properly without making the heart of my mom/dad/instructor/any-unfortunate-passenger-in the-poor-car throbbing agaist their ribs like hell (Maybe they silently wished that "I'll rather die due to heart attack rather than in car accident caused by a noob". Choi!),

And, still lose my important belongings and cry over them afterwards (stupid),

And, is actually only 17years old and 2 moths old,

I'm going to talk, think, make desicion, study, work, eat, pee, poo (lol) like an adult, very soon.

Desision over desision.

Went online frequently not to spam the others with the line "I'm so bored la. Kacau kacau. XD",
but to dig out all the important informations on scholarships, courses, career, etc etc... from the World Wide Web.

Sooner or later i'll be visiting more often than my own blog. LOL.

Even the topic among friends starts to surround on these stuffs.

And i started to use my "serious" gmail instead of the "girly and childish" one.
I don't really think so, larh. But what will be in the brain of the adults?

My cerebrum is soaked up with loads of questions. Loads of options. Maybe i can draw a mind-map out of my options for What-To-Do-After-Getting-That-Piece-Of-Freaking-Result-Slip.

Oh wait, i'd already drawn a mind map out of them. Don't laugh. LOL.

Main option will still be STPM, even though it is the so-called "Top Three Hardest Exam in The World",
As for my future career, it will be paediatriction> actuarial scientist (The word "scientist" sounds so cool to me.)> quantity surveyer. A list that will be changed, most probably.

Suddenly, from a student that munch on books everyday, i have to start making decision for my next 20-30 years. Gah!

Boo la. So fast.

Sooner, Yours Truly, the only surviver of Bujang Club, will be walking in her high heels, or applying make-up on her face everyday, or have the serious look on her face in her white coat, or taking a knife (?!) [Not to eat a chicken chop but to disect human. Muahaha..... *gross*], or going out for dating with her boyfriend (yes, so long to wait, but i'm patient enough. =D), blah blah and blah.

Sooner, we might not be able to tease each other as Xiao Hai Zi anymore because OBVIOUSLY, we will be all adults.

Except if someone still hugs her Snoopy pillow to everywhere, another-someone still crosses the road as if the other vehicles were painted with the colour "Transparent", another-another-someone still bitting and trying-to-swallow the straw as if it is a super long french fries, (list keep going on),

At the age of 20++ or even 30++,

I pun tak tau apa saya boleh cakap sudah. Gah.