Gathering of class '03

Yawn~yawn~ and yawn~ Have been sleeping at around 3a.m. for 2 days continuously! I'm at the brink of fainting now. Gah. So, the update will be a short one.

And since it is a open blog, it will not be a good sight, to criticize or comment on the others.

Well, we reached Sunway Pyramid at around 11a.m., so Shaunie and me decided to take a little stroll in the mall. Window shopping, to be precise. We stopped by at almost everywhere that sell earrings (to lure her. MUAHAHAHA..). By the way, the earrings in Diva is really really really REALLY CUTE! Zips, screws, paper clips.. So unique i bet you couldn't find the same piece in other shops. OMG la. If only i have..a Diva voucher?!

Not forgetting both of us almost get lost in the mall. LOL!

The gathering started around 2p.m. and was attended by around.. 16 person. Damn, i was so hungry (and SLEEPY!!!!). Seriously, if none of them have spoken anything, i would probably dozed off on the chair of Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Result of sleeping at almost 3, for 2 days continuously (i just repeated the first line!).

Others didn't change much, though. But i faced difficulties in recalling some of the names. And that, include the lamer Classmate A. As lame as he was back in primary school. Or better still, as sysy (Oops?) as he was back then!

I just recalled that, he somehow has similarity with the "Gay Lou" in SMKKK. You know, the big fans of Patty???? (ROFL!!)

He just kept throwing out some random cold jokes, so cold that there was no need to on the air-cond above us. No wonder, he was addressed as the Portable Air-cond by Classmate B, without his knowledge.

Not only Classmate B, but Classmate C, D, or even E too. Guys, guys.
The four who syiok sendiri. Teenagers just love to syiok sendiri, huh? =P

What i did most of the time was playing with my French Fried Rice, looking too tired to consume it.

And i have to eat it slowly, so that, erm, i wont be attacking the others with Bomb-of-Rice shooting out from my mouth when my cells of humour were once again, activated.

Or maybe not attacking the others. But the Portable Air-cond only. LOL.

*The blogger started to type some random crap as she is in a drowsy mode now*.

Later we went for "Marley & Me", which was just an OK show for me. No tears were shed, as it was all used up yesterday (lol). Besides, it was quite a miracle that i stayed awake for the 2 hours in the cinema. It was TOO COLD to sleep, anyway. Not because i was sitting near (luckily not right beside!) with the Portable Air-cond, but the real aircond.

Unlike my room. Such a perfect spot to sleep.

I miss my bed now.
I miss my pillow now.
I miss my blanket now.
I miss my (real) aircond now.
and I'm going to my bed now.
Signing off.
Bye and nite, everyone.


P/s: Due to environmental factors, i've started to call my RM1 note as "thosai". I did so when i was taking out my money from my (very "cute") porch, right infront of ex-classmates. OhMyGosh! What the thosai???
I got 6 thosai-s in my porch!