Almost every ex-Form5 have the word "TOMORROW!" "DOOMSDAY!" ''12MARCH!" "SPM!" in their private messages RIGHT NOW.

Looking at my contact list, once again, pull me deep, deep, deep into the world of depression.


I'm going to sleep tonight. I WILL. Trying every single attemps, leaving no stone unturn. No matter what, i don't want to look like a feeble and pale vampire, walking with infirm steps in the hall of SMKKK, tomorrow. I'm pretty sure my eyes will look like a golf-ball very soon, so the presence to eyebags is defintely not welcomed. So, people, since it is the doomsday tomorrow, let's enjoy the best slumber in your life, tonight.


Currently predicting that i'll miss my 4 A1's, i.e. English, EST, Accounts, and most importantly, CHINESE. I love Chinese songs, Chinese novels, being a Chinese girl, having the typical Chinese-sepet eyes (or maybe, not so), but NOT the SPM Chinese paper 2008. So NOT.

Twelve minus four. Eight A1's left.

I'll still cry my lungs out if i missed any A1's.

If what i achieved is even worse that what i predicted,

bye bye. You will not be able to see any updates in this blog, probably for weeks.