My future course:

  1. Medicine: Specialise in paediatric, or the so-called baby doctor, so that SheenYeen can come to me and ask for free sweets. =)
  2. Psychology: More to health or biological psychology. Or I might ever end up in the HR department of your company! Beware of me! (lol. No office work, no, no.)
  3. Medical ultrasonography/Medical imaging/ Radiography. These stuffs sound cool.
  4. Pharmacy. So i can get a doctor as husband and we will become a perfect couple!!! LOLOLOLOLOL. Ignore me. I'm having my head in the cloud.
  5. Accountancy. But i want to end up as an auditor. Again, let the others hate me. *evil grin*.
  6. Quantity surveying. Doing same thing as my dad.
  7. Actuarial Science. Just because of maths. LOL.
  8. Chemical engineering. Just because it is related to Chemistry.

Nah! So bye-bye to business and engineering. But life in unpredictable, anyway. Maybe someday you will see me doing E&E engineering (What the? THAT'S the thing that made me plant a lil hatred toward Physics. Booooooo..). Or, even more ridiculous, a singer (Yes yes. Laugh as you want. The only thing i can do with my voice is screaming like a mad woman in K-box.).


My dream careers, yet not to be taken into consideration now:

  1. Advertising. Is just so COOL to create advertisement.
  2. Interior Designing. Well, i'll just have to settle by designing my OWN condo/home next time. I can't wait for that!!

But, well, these are not THAT suitable for me as i'm a person that is not as creative as you think, and often out of idea. =P


Some of my ambitions when i was young:

  1. Teacher. Big NO for me now. I don't want a scratched car.
  2. Hawker. HA-HA-HA-HA-HA. I don't know why i wrote so in my card. I didn't even cook an egg before, OK?
  3. Air-stewardess. Just because i thought "I can sit aeroplane for free!". LOL.
  4. Nurse.
  5. (Drawing) Artist. And when was the last time i grabbed a paint brush?
  6. Writer. Or novelist. When i can even face trauma writing story for SPM exam.
  7. Accountant. And what happened to this ambition after i worked in Ogawa??
  8. Scientist. Fu-la-mak. Sounds damn cool. I can be an actuarial SCIENTIST, anyway.

Yes, all my funny-funny ambition that doesn't suit me. I'm a weirdo. Heh.

Anyway, I think I shall start to prepare myself with current issues. Guess what? The first thing i look for whenever i grab a newspaper is the ENTERTAINMENT section (especially, you know, for Chinese newspaper, it is separated). Yea, yea. So, i'm your typical teenager. *Grins*. And because of this, i'm so gonna screw the JPA interview (Ahhhhhhh~). Even though the news says that "Students with 10A1's will get scholarship automatically", but i wonder how true is that (They said JPA might even cancel the interview! See? It is so normal for me to feel dubious about the news).

Well, just all the best for anyone out there.

P/s: I'm still thinking HOW to get a Band5 or even 6 (!!!) in MUET. Sob.