An (expected?) update on this historical day.

My eyes were shut, but i was not asleep. I could even feel the feeble morning sunlight shinning into my room through the curtains, signalling me to wake up. "Oh girl! It is your important day!", it says. Oh well, i'm just trying to get cover the feeling of the heavy-hearted me.

I told myself to SLEEP. It was only...8a.m., anyway. The main point of withdrawing myself from the short gathering at SMC was that i WANT TO SLEEP LONGER. But oh, i failed. Struggling up, i dragged my heavy footsteps down the stairs.

Suddenly, i felt so helpless.

The red bean bread was tasteless. No, not the fault of the bakery shop. Their egg tart is nice. But i barely have the mood to enjoy. My tastebuds could barely explore the fabulous taste of red bean paste. Even Milo, seems to be like plain water. It sucks.

Sitting down on my study table, i tried to calm myself by doing Sudoku. But i was wrong. My mind was in turmoil, i failed to complete the sudoku. My eyes were more interested on the figure displayed on the time section of my handphone, rather than the proper position of number 1~9 in Sudoku. The tickling sound of clock was composed into some unknown song together with the deep beating of my heart. The song of nervous.

My adrenaline level was high. I swear i could feel the vigrous beating of my heart. Seriously.

The second hand of clock continued its inevitable move to its destination. And it is finally near to ten. Sitting quietly in my Wira, i finally found myself at the most important venue of the day--- Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kota Kemuning.

Oh Shyt. Oh SHYT!

Mom tapped on my shoulders, saying "nasi sudah jadi bubur". LOL. What a proverb.

Every step heading to the Mulitipurpose Hall, was a step into unknown. Sooner, more human of same species (i.e. human who donned the class tee of 5 Science 1) appeared in front of my eyes. My wish, for taking the result slip and flee as soon as possible, obviously failed. The results was not out yet! Damn!

Damned the tensed atmosphere. All of the sudden, my eyes were welled up with tears and it streamed down on my cheeks.

Tears of nervous.

Finally, the teachers-in-charge trooped down from staffroom and everyone thronged forward. I felt rooted on the spot, unable to lift my feet. It was like i was attacked by oesteoporosis all of a sudden, and my legs seems to be made up of jelly (yumm?) instead of bones and fleshs.

It is already the fact. Come one!

So, after some struggles in my heart, i was in the queue. People started to tap on my shoulders, and hugged me after looking at this peculiar creature who started to rub her eyes with tissues, even before she got her results. Bohoo.

One, and another. Another. Another. Finally it was Pehge, who burst out in the tears of joy right at the moment she grabbed her result slip. I was, quite taken aback by her expression.

And next, it was me.


I actually moved a step or two behind, swaying my body from the left to the right and to the left again (mimicking pendulum. LOL.) when i was asked to sign at the name list. Right in front of me, was one of my dearest teacher, Puan Ong. At this very moment, i felt i was the centre of attention. Uncountable eyes were set on me, or rather, my result slip yet to be taken out.

"Hmm.. Can I hug her?"

That was what Puan Ong said, the line that turned my teary look into the typical [o.O] look.

The next moment, the hall was enchoed with the exultant shriek from my throat.


And that, caused even more people turned their head and look at me, this insane girl, in a confused look.

I was all agog at the news. I couldn't help donning an elated smile on my face.


One =D for an A1. And together there were twelve of them.......!!!!!

Oh, not forgetting this:


That's for my G.C.E O-level, or 1119. I got an A2 for it. Baaaaaaaaa.....

To tell the truth, i actually didn't realise that stupid A2 at the first sight. LOL.

People will still address me as the "Straight A1's student", when the fact was, Owh, my Grammar is cacat.

As expected, actually. Or what do i cry for, when i left the exam hall, right after the Paper1 of English???

But still, a lil dissapointment.

Look at the brighter side. Ahhhhhhhhh~~~~~ i made it i made it i madeeeeee it!!!!

*i might sound a bit, erm, chuan here. But please forgive me. Once in awhile, OK?*

Most of my friends did well. My classmates did well! Will not announce their result here but, CONGRATULATION to everyone who achieved their expected result. Heh.

Later i was busy talking on the phone with my right hand, and reply the hugs from teachers using my left arm. LOL. Smile smile smileeeeeeeee..



And later in the afternoon, it is the time to CELEBRATE!

Whether it is a celebration or not, i enjoyed meeting up with the others. Yay! So, we headed to GreenBox, and screamed our head off. Kidding. My head is still here. Tightly secured on my cervical vertebrae.

And at the end of the day, i was only ALLOWED to go home around 11p.m. Kesian betul. I was being interned by a bunch of people who called themselves "my friends", in an invisible jail set up by them at Old Town White Coffee.

Or being kidnapped by them, who demanded one thosai per person as the ransom. LOL la.

It was always so, when it is at night, and i start to mumble some stuffs, and no one want to pay a little attention to this pitiful girl. No one wants to fetch me home. Not Jacky, not Keith, not anyone who knows how to drive.

I should just put on my drowsy look just now. Yawn.

No thosai for you all! Hmph!