A Camp I Had Participated With the Lightest Luggage.

In fact, I don't think that my sexy red Munchy's bag is even considered as a.. luggage. For the first time, i brought only ONE bag for camping, no slippers, no towel, no junk food, etc.

Additionally, i too broke another record of mine: The shortest period of slumber.

Anyway, if you are scratching the back of your head now, wondering why in the world I'm mentioning about a school camp now when i doesn't even have a school right now (so sad, huh?), I actually went back to help out (Or, to be exact, BAT-GUA) for the Girl Guide Camp in SMKKK on 7~8 March.

First Girl Guide Camp, ever!

It reminded me how we wanted to carry out a camp like such SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH during the early Form4, and ended up with great disappointment, TWICE, credits to some brainless pig working for G and a brainless-parent (Which, i know who exactly HE is). Not forgetting how we sobbed helplessly in the staffroom, knowing our few-months-hardwork got crashed completely at the eleventh hour. It stabbed the heart of the AJKs so badly, and we still have to gather the strength left, to apologize to other campers that the camp was cancelled. It was pathetic.

So, the success of this camp, somehow fulfilled the little hope of mine.

Back to the day. Reached school around 9 and bumped into Puan Chan. Aww~ I miss her so much! Not forgetting Puan Ong and the others. And, their questions couldn't run away from these:

"So, what are you doing lately?"

Oh well, an expected question. So i just bla-bla-bla-ed the answers.

And, "So, result is coming out on next week, huh?"

And that question turned my face into ( T n T ). Not Tee-Ann-Tee. Is.. a crying sad face. Whatever it is.

And this was their reaction:

"Aiyaaaaaaaa... You no need to worry one laaaaaaa..."

When the fact was, I am damn-crappy worried now. Bohoo. Enough, enough. Before depression attacks me AGAIN.

So, after some chit-chat, i went out to peep at the juniors who were doing ice-breaking, while waiting for the others to arrive. The ice-breaking game looks fun! There was even a "Create Your Ideal Girl Guide Uniform" competition. There was a group created a tube-dress (OMG-so-sexy. The guys will want it to be a real uniform SO MUCH. But, duh, it wouldn't be approved in M'sia. And not like I WILL wear it to SCHOOL instead of SHOPPING CENTRE!). Tsing Yu's group created something that made her look like Warrior Princess. So, Pandu Puteri should be changed to Pahlawan Puteri (?!). Haha. Creative brains.

Models, with Girl Guide Uniform(S).

After that, we had a little campfire, helped by the Scouts. And yummm, i tried BBQ-ed Marshmallow (Not the burnt one, of course. I didn't know that marshmallow could caught on fire so easily! Imagine eating that FLAMING marshmallow. My voice will become as sexy as SheenYeen, or even sexier. Woo~).


Later the others arrived. Sang some songs and played some games. Juniors went to sleep and THAT'S THE TIME FOR SENIORS. So, me, Sheen Yeen, Mandy, Peh Ge, and Hui En made a small circle and started to talk talk and talk. Truly enjoyed that. Beside gossiping (ahem), we shared about some opinions on future studies. Puan Ong joined us after on, and the chit-chat session was until 2++a.m. WOW.

PehGe fell into slumber land quite fast compared the other four of us. Seriously, not that i DON'T WANT TO SLEEP, but i just COULDN'T SLEEP. So we started to poke each other and i started to mumble some random stuffs like "Advantage of Having Short Legs". LOL. I guess i'll start to be irritating at night, when i try to sleep with friends. =D

But, not as annoying as what i did during the Langkawi trip: The Scariest Alarm Clock, ever. I WANTED to do that again, but i wasn't given a chance to do so. Guess how long was the nap of us?

HALF AND HOUR. Exactly. It was even shorter than my afternoon nap. Thus, it was a miracle that i was able to remain mentally active for the half of the following day. LOL.

Anyway, we discovered the mini-version of someone again. Not Mini Chan #2, But Mini Pehge. Hahah! It so happened that there was a Pehge-look-alike Form1 girl which was really cute. Big eyes + Straight hair (Pehge's old hairstyle). Moreover, Pehge, there was one facial expression of that girl that was very ALIKE with you. I'll show you next time when we meet up!

Morning of second day was a little bad beginning as the few drop of rain made their existence. Drizzle that came at the wrong time. The girls carried on with Upacara Panji-Panji and there was when we sensed the lack of discipline. Oh well, this camp was not as strict as Kem Integrasi, and was more free (as what i preferred. Participate in the activities planned and have our own free time in between), yet it doesn't mean that discipline is not important. It was a camp of uniform body, after all. Hope they will be more punctual next time.

Our way is clear as we march on, and see our flag on high~~~~

Next, next, more seniors (Yasmin, Shaunie, and the others) came as the next activity started. The Oldies (i.e. the very old seniors--us, larh) were in charge of Kim Game. If not mistaken, Puan Ong's daughter hold the record, i.e. able to memorise 17 out of 30 things. After that, we insisted that we want to join the tasting-game. And TADA! THE OLDIES answered everything correct. Proud, proud.

We are OLDIES, after all. LOL. I sounds old. When the fact is, maybe i was only months older than the eldest student there. Or maybe DAYS earlier?!?!


The next activity was SUPPOSED to be the Cooking Competition, yet the rain came at the wrong time, AGAIN. And, woot, i didn't expect the juniors to bring their OWN instant noodles. Hui En, Sheen Yeen, Yasmin and me helped to train the non-campers for marching. And that, explained why i mentioned that "....voice become as sexy as SheenYeen" just now. Up to date, she had lost her voice (almost or completely?) and i couldn't help laughing at her. Whenever she start to talk / sing / laugh using her sexy voice during the camp, it activated my cells of humour. BECAUSE EVEN WHEN SHE LAUGHED, IT SOUNDS LIKE A GUY. Once again, to SheenYeen, WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA.

Damn bad. What kinda friend is this. LOL. I hope she can be halfly-recovered on Thurday, so i can have someone singing girl-boy duet with me in K-box. She'll become the guy, duh! Nyahahahahahaha....

The banner. The two human appeared in the photo is something 3D, not 2D like the banner. LOL.
Frankly speaking, i did not really helped out much during the camp. It was more like a short gathering between friends. Haha. But i did helped to drag the rubbish from the front of school to the back of school, together with Yasmin, gossiping at the same time. It had been so long since i last spoke to her! And after some gossip-sharing, she asked me a question, that i actually expected someone to ask me, but not asked yet, due to some reason.
Question not to be mentioned here. =]
As conclusion, the camp was quite a success. Why must the rain come at the wrong time, larhh... Just when i wanted to steal some flour to make some roti lilit and steal a fire (?!) to cook it, it rained. POTONG.
Last but not least,

Grouuuuuuupppp Phoooooooto.

P/s: Instead of The Oldies, we were more like the Gossip Girls. Haha!

P/p/s: I slept for 15 hours yesterday and wasn't intended to do so, actually. Wow.