Inspired by PohYee’s blog, I’m here to make a conclusion on my life in this two month.

Even though, err, still got one more weeks to go. ONE MORE WEEK, PEOPLE! Let’s countdown together with me, and you will be able to see fireworks appearing in the sky of Aranda on 27th February 2009. :D

Too bad my pathetic salary isn’t enough to buy the fireworks, perhaps. LOL.

After this month, no more waking up with my eyes still half closed (even though it is already 8!), no more reminding myself “MY WORKING PASS”, and no more restricting myself from online till too late.

Or maybe I still do. For the sake of my own health. You don’t want a panda chit chatting with you every night, right?


No more spending 5 minutes in the morning, thinking what to wear later, when I’m taking my bath.

No more messing up my mom’s wardrobe to get a proper attire for myself. I don’t have enough former attire. LOL.

No more having one big (or small?) table loaded with files. FILES! Remittance of September, October, November, December, or even January 2009 used to attack my table ALL at one time. If my vitreous humor doesn’t leak out from my eyeball due to excessive exposure to monitor, my vertebrae might be all broken if all the files suddenly fall on me.

No more curi tulang in the toilet, even though it is not THAT clean (don’t compare with the school toilet, please.).

No more logging in the PRONTO-Xi Thin Client programme, but actually visiting blogs silently. Shhhhh..

(I'm missing my office laptop NOW. Read until the "P/S" section and you'll know why. Internet connection in office ROCKS.)

No more writing down all sorts of batch numbers on bank in slips with RED PEN. The stationary that I hold the most in this two month.

No more cursing deep in my heart how freaking stupid is the seller of OCS, for not banking the right amount of money and make us confusing.


Working isn’t bad entirely. At least, whenever I wake up, I know I’ll have SOMETHING to do on that day, even though it might be a boring one.

No, no. I got nothing to do when I go to the office next monday. You can probably see me spamming my own c-box once again. Or even online, like what CKK did. Wohoo~

Besides, I get to know some people which really do helped me a lot. Like Miss Gan. Even though she’s not my head, by she’ll never hesitate to teach me-the-noob whenever I need her. Seriously she’s really patient. And she told me to relax whenever she saw the stressed look on my face.

Seriously, why am I stressing over such stuffs when I’m not even paid so-well?

There are all sorts of person in the office. Until now I might not be able to differentiate who is who. I only heard the names in the conversation of the others, mainly between Ms.Ooi and Yin Peng. Both are them are quite funny at times. CS, my senior is another person that I deal a lot with. For more info of her, please refer to PohYee’s blog. LOL. I do agree what PohYee said. CS is relatively impatient and always order PohYee to do all sorts of stuffs. She looks tense most of the time, making me and PohYee do not dare to interrupt her at times. I can actually finish my job fast, if CS is willing to do the adjustment faster. If she's able to handle her stress in a better way, i believe she'll be a good head. She jokes with me and invites me for lunch at times. Maybe, the job she's doing is REALLY stressful.

Oh ya, not forgetting the fact that after having this working experience, the word “accountant” is officially cancelled from my “future job” list. Imagine sitting down infront of the same computer at the same time on every morning, doing almost the same job, dealing with the same documents (only different is the amount and date), knocking on the same keyboard, and go home at.. probably not the same time. Anyway, I don’t think I’m able to stand this kinda life for next 30 years. It seems to be tiring and stressful, from what I saw from the others in my department. So, ahh~ this is something I learnt in this 2 month.

Other than this, I didn’t actually learnt much stuffs beneficial to my life in future. I do get to see the real bank statement, bank in slips, Invoice, Debit note, Credit note, etc. Not the fake ones in Principle of Account’s exam paper. Yet, even thought I’m working here, I don’t know about the products sold in Ogawa since I don’t check the hardcopies. Weird, eh? And I can’t possible be using this PRONTO programme next time (EXCEPT if I’m back to work again. OMG?).

Whatever it is, ONE MORE WEEK, babe~ MAYBE i'll miss this job (a little) after this, yet i'm very much exited for the arrival of next friday. LOL.

I can start to make my March-plan now. I'll become free but lifeless once again.

P/s: The blogger is currently trying to fix her stupid Window Life Messenger 9. Something cute, indeed. But the computer seems to be jealous of the exsistance of this cute thing. Thus, Computer-Antibody is currently fighting with WLM9-Antigen. Come on, let's give the antibodies some support! I don't want to use ebuddy.com FOREVER.