Schoolmag and Schoolmate.

No longer in the great mood to attack the Senior column of 5 Science 1 with complains in torrent. No more energy for that. Besides, more cells have to be sacrificed if I'm overwhelmed with anger once again. So, sudahlah..

In case you are wondering, the shyt-ty cartoon character appeared in page 147 of this book called Kemuning Permai Edisi Ke-7 are NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THERE. This, is the original version.

Oh yea. Look at this and compared with the spoilt one. And you'll know the reason for the appearance of crappy Dora the crappy Explorer.

Cartoon puppies. Exactly.

Need not to go into details in an open blog. In fact, to prevent myself to be attacked by truckload of rotten eggs and rotten vege, i shall NOT go into the details.

What can i say? We are living in an over-sensitive society. I'm just speechless.

Like what i told the others, we have be SO GRATEFUL that we didn't spend the bloody RM300 to print the Senior column in colours. RM300 per page. And hak cipta is not guaranteed terpelihara. That little line up there, is too small, for those blind people, that edited our page, WITHOUT our permission.

If we do spend that RM300, you can now witness a bunch of teenager in their 5 Science 1 class tee, heading to the strongest wall in KK, and bang it hard with their heads. LOL.

Gah. Forget about this. Let's go to the schoolmate part.

We always say that we're gonna be separated after graduate, everyone will be chasing their own dreams, bla-bla-bla, yet we still got the chance to meet up (quite oftenly) among ourselves.

And now, there is really someone which is leaving us to another country, that's our debater!

Zen Jie, i seriously think that you have a bright future.
Not forgetting your cameraman-skills in Langkawi.
And how you gasped during SPM when i finished the objective papers, and exclaimed " You finished in xx minutes!!" after that. Hahaha!!!

Had the farewell dinner on Tuesday. We asked the main character not to cry for paying for our foods. Unlike Langkawi, there is no sand for him to eat in KK, literally. LOL!!

Later we went to his house, with me became half-conscious when the clock almost struck twelve. The others were busy gambling while Sheen Yeen played the piano. I was feeling really sleepy. That explained why my eyes looks like lines drawn by a 0.5 mechanical pencil in the photos below.

#1. Weird expression on the faces of CKK and Jacky. LOL.

#2. Suppose to be Julia's peace pose. But it turned up into some really.. weird pose.


#4. Some havoc happened behind me and i missed the scene. Aiya....!

Random thoughts:

  1. Remember i once created the name Three-Lifeless-Ones (TLO) for me, SY, and Mandy? I think i'm officially out from the group now until March. Jacky, you can have my place. Three of them were so bored until they went shopping around the shop lots in Aranda. LOL?
  2. Three more week and one more day to freedom! Even though, i wonder what i'll be doing in March. Miss Gan told me better don't start to countdown, or the time will fly so slow for me. But i couldn't help it. LOL. Note that the less the number of days i'll be working, the less the number of days to the day when SPM result will be released. Shit. I got all the reasons to be worried. =(

Big chance of OT-ing tomorrow. Wish me luck.