First and foremost, today is not a good Saturday. Believe it or not, i went for OT in office today.

From 9.41am to 12.17pm. As my OT is counted every 15 hours, i'll be paid for the 150 minutes, and stupidly wasted another unpaid 6 minutes.


When the big boss is giving pressure to the head's head, and the head's head is giving pressure to my head, my head is giving pressure to me,

and I, am the ultimate victim. Gah.

I'm just a tiny-winy keh-leh-feh in the company with a tiny-winy wages and i have the need to sacrifice my beautiful Saturday.

Blame my naughty stomach that start complaining after 7.30pm on Friday's night.

Anyway, i came across a new topic while reading the other blogs:

SPM result is coming out on 23 February 2009?

Anyone out there have a confirmed answer for this freaking question?


It is a Monday. The last Monday I’ll be spending in this big building called Ogawa. And are you telling me that I’m get that piece of bloody paper on that day?

Not that I love my job SO MUCH (Ugh. Definitely NOT SO MUCH). But if it happens to be true, you might be able to catch me spending my last week in office with my head lift high up, staring blankly at the florescence light.

Or doing some random clicking on the PRONTO programme. My head will so gonna fire me for this.

Or looking down at the bank in slips, and make them soaked with the salty-liquid come pouring down from my tear gland.

Or hugging the remittance like hugging my pillow. Just to comfort myself.

How pathetic can this be?

In case you are thinking that I’m bullshiting now, I’m definitely NOT. Maybe, it is due to the VERY HIGH expectation of me on myself. Just pray hard that the line “The higher the expectation, the bigger the disappointment” will not become true, for this freaking time.

I have all the reason to be worried now.

Worried for my BM, for I’ve chosen a title that, most probably, the choice of more than 50% of SPM candidate in the year of 2008. Blame the existence of this species called Nyaaaaaaaaamuk Aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedes.

Worried for my BI, as OBVIOUSLY, I screwed my essay, so badly until I broke out after I left that freaking exam hall. The standard of my essay was even worse than the piece of words you are reading now. What the freaking hell.

Worried for my BC, as OBVIOUSLY again, the chance of getting an A1 is even lower than the probability of getting choked when you are eating taufu. Curse the Paper 2 that I feel like burn it so much. If my dream is crush because of it, I WILL burn that question paper into ashes. Seriously.

Worried for my Add Maths and Maths because of.. umm.. careless mistakes? If I can’t even score them, I’ll probably refuse to eat, even chocolates. LOL. Kidding. But it will be a good way to lose weight right? (Hell not want to try this.)

Worried for my Biology, Chemistry, and Physics due to..... *reason unknown*. There must be reasons for it.. Hmm.. Oh ya! Worried for my Physics because a stupid student like me couldn’t think of a better experiment for the stupid experiment question in the stupid Paper3. Ugh, ugh.

Worried for my Principle of Accounts because it is harder than previous years. Even though, the accounts in real life are wayyyyyyyy complicated that what you see in textbooks. Accounts for big companies, especially. What a shame. Referring to the big building located beside a purple building, nearby Herbaline, and have a big circle as its logo. Gah!

Worried for my History because of the KBKK questions. They are so not helping me AT ALL. Even though I’m still sticking to my opinion that this subject is pure useless. I can’t even recall what is the contribution of what-what-khalifah, or contribution of Malaysia in what-what-PBB/OIC/ASEAN/etc, or what is the exact definition of Perlembagaan, bla and bla. All I know is more brain cells were killed a day before the exam. Poor cells. Shall build a monument for you all.

Worried for my Morale, as most of us know, the phrases “A1 for Moral” and “Good Luck” are linked together with an equivalent sign. Whereas, the sign too link the phrases "Bad Luck” and “Say Bye to another A1” together. LOL.

Worried for my EST as according to some unknown source, the score to get an A1 is really high. And I have no freaking time to include fibre in that essay part. So sad. If the score for A1 is 90%, the probability of me achieving that grade will be lower than the probability of... me still able to loose weight after consuming one whole bar of Cadbury chocolates.

As conclusion, I’m feeling nervous. =(

All the best, for you and me, even though the fact couldn’t be changed now.

Why don’t you announce the result in March la!