Happy Valentine's Day!

Yea.. Happy V's Day to everyone out there, whether you are *ahem* celebrating with your another half like *ahem ahem*, or single.

I'm suppose to make this post full with pink fonts since it is Valentine's Day, right?

Emm. Hard to read. Forget about it.

Things i did today could be merely related to V's Day.

I slept like a pig in the morning and afternoon.

I onlined and let the Window Media Player played by itself randomly, and out of 10 songs, there were 6 or 7 emo songs. Why so sad?

Last but no least, i spent my night at Oncidium Hall celebrating Chinese New Year instead of Valentine's Day!

And became a happy light-bulb. *Ahem, ahem*.

Lazy to describe the event. Let the photos do the talking.
It started with performance by Mandy, Charlotte, Elainne and Joanne.

[imaginary video playing by itself]

The video was SUPPOSE to be here but since i freaking try to upload it from 1++pm to 8++pm and it still FAILED, i'm officially fed up with it. Wait till i got the mood to upload it again.

After them was performance by G-force, followed by some primary school student dancing with Jolin's song. And CKK blurted out some comments. Aikkk.. someone tak ajar la. LOL

After that we heard fireworks, so me and SY rushed out like someone who didn't see a firework for a decade (or maybe never see fireworks BEFORE. Jakunnya..) Forgot to change the mode of cam to Fireworks-mode. Thus, the photo is cacat-ed a bit. Sob.

After lepak-ing awhile outside the hall we met with some of the classmates from 5 Science 1 !!! Have not been seeing them for like.. 2 months? Here's the group pic. PehGe arrived for awhile and went back, and Mandy only realised about that after 15 minutes. Slow larh, you.

Today is Valentine's Day! So i should post something Valentine'sDay-related, and tada!, here it is. We couldn't help making jokes on the couple shirt. So sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeett, eh? I thought my bestie wouldn't turn up because *ahem* she should spend her very important 24 hours with *ahem* him. Heee..

Random shot of the dragon's body. Me and SY were lucky (or unlucky?) enough as we didn't got hit by it.. due to our shortness.

I hereby would like to repeat that I'M TALLER THAN CHEW SHEEN YEEN even just by 1 cm. Don't judge our height without looking at the shoes lah. I didn't shrink vertically. =(

Later we headed to Old Town White Coffee to talk, belanja-ed by Julia.

Mandy wanted to use the reason "Yi Ting is here with us" to stay out late. I didn't know i was still a good girl in the eyes of other parents. =D

Oh wait, i AM a good girl. A GOOD, STILL-INNOCENT, and MATURE girl. No doubt. Especially the word MATURE. Sheen Yeen, don't scroll up to the c-box to deny this. CANNOT DENY WHAT PN.ONG HAS SAID. *Smile*

Both of them looking away from the cam at the same time while i was trying to take this photo. LOL.

I know some of my friends received surprise present(s) on yesterday. Maybe they were even too excited to sleep. Wahaha!!

Done with updates.


Even after i'm done with shopping, the vid is still NOT done uploading. Something is so wrong.


Latest update: The vid is available in Joanne's blog. So, click the link to view!! The vid doesn't like me, it only likes the performers appeared in the vid (except MANDY! Because she couldn't view the vid too! Hahaha!!).