What a depressed morning.

No more smilling in the heart while heading to this big building, counting down how many more hours i would have to breathe in the air here.

The NG scenes of Miss No Good don’t seems to work on me today. No more throwing my head backwards and laugh out loud.

Once I opened my eyes, mild depression attacked me. For unknown reason. Or maybe I do know the reason. Ugh.

Later I discover my WALLET is gone. GONE MISSING. So not a good time to play hide and seek, OK. I fed up looking for it, praying that it would appear in a little corner in Jacky’s car. Apparently, that tiny hope of mine crashed. CRASHED.

I’m not worried for that RM10++ but the DOCUMENTS in it. MY I/C. MY RED CARD FOR DRIVING (whatever is it actual name). Doomed.

Now, back in office, I’m suppose to act as if I’m so so so so so busy, so that the HR wouldn’t suspect that I’m so so so so so damn free until I start eBuddy-ing.

Is like acting all the time. Crazy

Now I don’t even have to act. I GOT THINGS TO DO. Which is solving some stuffs that I’m so so SO lazy to solve. Damn. DAMN, OK!

I could barely smile today.

Here I am, typing this piece of crap using Microsoft Word to be pasted in blog. I should be doing my job but I couldn’t stand this any longer. I need to express myself, and since most of my besties were still having their sweet dream, I have to do so.

Something/someone make me smile please.