A day at Fuo Kuang Shan

Went for my first driving lesson on last Sunday. Practically, the word "bored" concludes everything. Imagine steering the car round and round and round for like.. 3 freaking hours? Like i can't do that with my OWN car? My instructor only supervise me for the first round (and he actually said "boleh tahan", since i practised with my manual Wira before) and i did the rest alone. Somehow, my RM60 was paid for the petrol of the sticky car with sticky seat belt and sticky steering wheels and sticky gear which make me feels sticky for the rest of the day.


Anyway, visited Fuo Guang Shan in the afternoon, like what we did for the last two years. Sun was freaking hot and i started to complain like a missy after 30minutes. LOL. I want to come here at night, larh. It will definitely give me a different experience on night photography.

Talking about photos, I'd taken loads of them. :D
Even though my youngest bro keep on saying "You tak pro act pro". :(

2009 is a year of ox. So let the moo-moo be the object of the first photo:

#1: The MooMoo. I wonder why are the teeth designed to be so, like rabbit. The MooMoo should go for braces. LOL.

#2:Flowers. Less flowers compared to last year, according to my mom.

#3:The Big Nemo at the entrance. But what's Nemo gonna do with.. umm.. Chinese New Year? Are we gonna EAT IT?


#5: I love the little statue down there. Haha!

#6: Fish-ie!

#7: The MooMoo collections.

#8: These cards reminded me of our prom ticket. What do you think?

#9: Tanglongs out the exhibition hall. They will definitely look different at night. :(

#10: The not-so-mini-but-not-too-big tower.

The is the thing that reminds me me about the Anson Leaning Tower that took me so long just to make it look senget-ed in photos. LOL.
#11: The Eighteen Luo Han, if not mistaken.

#12: The garden.

#13. My personal favorite. And of course, it was edited. LOL.

#14: Top of the temple.

#15. There was some sort of procession and this was part of it.
The procession was about the same compared to previous years. Yet, FINALLY they changed the music! LOL. Too many photos on it so i will not post it out here. Nevertheless, i saw a good-looking guy among the performers. :D

Didn't do much stuff at there. Went to the statue exhibition, anyway. And got some meaningful booklets from there. Gonna read them when i'm free. Definitely.
#16. Something i saw at the staircase. It says the Heart of Buddha. =)
#17: Oh kay, this was totally random. Someone climb to the very top of stage to fix something, i assume. And bro exclaimed "Woo! Got Spiderman up there!" LOL! Except that, this Spiderman couldn't fly from one spot to another.

#18: Group photo of performers. I was kepoh-ing. Hee.

#19: Dad hanging the wishing card of bro. 7A's for UPSR! Last year it was my turn and now his. Did my wish worked? We will see.. *sobbing inside*.
Before leaving, i heard a song while some of them were doing their rehersal for the next performance. And the song was really nice! Not any popular pop songs out there, thus i don't even know the title. It touches me, giving me a feeling that, this world is still full of hopes and love. There is always, at least someone, who loves and cares about you. Spread the love, and you'll gain happiness. I want to download the song! I need to know the title!
I want to come here again,
at night,
with my friends,
and my camera (duh),
So people, let's plan from now onwards! Wahahaha..
P/s: Had not be seeing my friends (beside those working in the same office) for more than a week! Online pun tak jumpa. Miss you all larh. I mean it. =(