Two post in a day. Very unusual of me.

Today is an unusual day of mine.

Not talking about how i missed the last episode of Miss No Good AGAIN (Did i mentioned that i always missed the last episode of drama? No electricity, overslept, tuition, exam, bla bla bla..).
I've watched it online so, whatever.

The main thing was, i was moody for the whole day. Yea you can scroll down and read the previous post now. LOL.

Once again, my blur-ness had caused me trouble.

Once again, being blur is NOT a good thing. I actually HATE myself for being so forgetful, blur, ignorant, sesat, careless, (fill in the blank with whatever terms that have similiar meaning), etc.

Sometimes, being blur is good. As in many secrets are still unrevealed. Need not to worry so much. Need not to accept the cruel truth.

Yada yada yada.

But not when it comes to own property.

My first pair of specs were gone. Because i was careless.
My first digital camera was spoilt. Because i was careless.
I lost my 2nd pair of specs once in tuition centre, getting worried over it for more than 24 hours, and found it again. Because i was careless.
I lost my Bio text book once, getting worried over it for almost a week, and someone found it. Because i was careless.
I once made my youngest brother injured. Because i was careless.
I almost got hit by a car while crossing the road to SMC.
I once went into the wrong car during Standard2.

The list keep going on. And this time:
I lost my wallet with I/C in it. Because i was AM CARELESS.

When will i start to learn my lesson?

Parents didn't scold me badly. They just give some short nags, which i don't mind as obviously, i deserved it.

They have to fetch me to MCD twice to enquire the staffs there.
Mom went out to look for my wallet around the neighbour.
Dad drove me to the police station in Sri Muda to lodge the report.
He has to take one day leave so that i can make the new I/C.
He has to come out with RM110, which, supposedly, paid by the careless me.

I'm feeling really guilty now.
Thanks, mom and dad.

Someone give me a better brain to manage my belongings, please.