Back! Finally..

I was in a very mood to blog yesterday. Yet my eyes failed me.
I was having a very good energy to blog today. Yet my mood failed me.

But I'm still gonna continue, anyway.

Thank you very much, you school magazine.
The book that made my fingers hitting on my poor keyboards so hard, until it might become a board-without-keys.
The book that made me start being annoying again, spamming the 4 poor victims of mine with truck loads of complains.

Will go into detail in my next post, when almost everyone got the school mag. Gah!!

Now. back to the topic.

24th January 2009.

An ordinary journey. Surprisingly i only slept for the last 15 minutes. Tell me, how was it possible to fall into the slumber land, with a JOKER doing all sorts of idiotic stuffs beside you, like creating different methods to use the passenger seat safety belt? Thanks to the youngest dude in the family. Gah!

25th January 2009.

It was the Chinese New Year Eve! Went to the father-side house (I'm staying at the mother-side one. Even though we are not suppose to do so according to the very-old Chinese traditions.) and waited for the arrival of cousins (im)patiently. Meanwhile, i did something that i did when i was young.

Looking for ghost photos in the newspapers.

Is not auspicious, but ah, i think it brings no harm. Newspapers here were not Nan Yang or Sin Chew but some sorts of newspapers with all sorts of crappy stuffs.

Not long after that, there comes the little ones!

Xiao Qi. Or we called Qi Qi. The youngest one. Big mesmerising eyes with small cute lips. A future belle indeed.

Me with Xiao Hui, the elder sister. She was so cute! Cousins-look-alike, huh?

Another one.

The pink sisters. QiQi smiled! Finally! She was way cooler compared to the sister, as most of the time she remain cool when everyone was talking to her. But hey, she waved "bye-bye" to me when she went home. I'm good at dealing with babies. *Big silly smile*.
Spending most of the time with the elder one and we get along very fast! We took each others hand, taking a little stroll in front of the house, pointing here and there like jakuns. While, the guys were burning silver papers (reminds me of the poem Monsoon History. Gah!). And guess what? She loves photography, and wants to camwhore. LOL! Whenever the camera was aimed at her, she'd carve that sweetest smile on her face. When my brother ran away from the camera, she started to laugh her lungs out. Funny toddler.
Sooner other cousins arrived but every one's eyes were glued at the tv. This, was one of the cons of Chinese New Year Special Show on tv. Gah. After that, we had our reunion dinner, and i freaking consumed 3 very-high-calories prawn balls. They were too yummy to resist. Hee.
Watched some quite-boring countdown shows after that. Perhaps the fireworks nearby were more interesting than it.
26th January 2009.
The first day of Chinese New Year! Went to the father-side house again and played with the young ones, again. Not, i'm not bored by it. In fact, this made my in-hometown-life a bit more interesting. We called Xiao Hui "the promoter of Giant" because she could recognise most of the stuffs in Giant catalog, and said that i brought my new shoes from there. LOL!
Back in my cousins room, she became the ice-cream man that sells coffee-flavoured, chocolate-flavoured, milk-flavored, and Mil0-flavored ice creams (no joke. She listed out the options. Gah!) at a price of RM5.30. The poker cards became her money. The way she acted like a boss was so hilarious and had all of the elder cousins in stitches. Hahaha!!
27th January 2009.
Nothing much. Spend my whole afternoon watching some Chinese New Year Eve show in China on Singapore's Channel.
28th January 2009.
Mom's relatives came over to visit us, so they spend their whole day chit-chatting. Meanwhile, lifeless teen like me could do nothing but sleep. The even-lifeless children i.e. the two jokers happily spent their whole week playing handphone games.
When i closed my eyes, they were playing the games.
When i opened my eyes again, they were STILL playing the games!
Seriously, their eyes were so gonna shrink until the eye sockets were too big to hold them anymore.
29th January 2009.
Once again, Happy Belated Birthday to Jacky Lau Chern Hong!
Hope your Alzheimer's disease can heal faster. Or at least don't become worse. LOL!
Somehow we knew each other for ngam-ngam 1 year on this day. Hahaha!!
Anyway, went to a newly-opened Aeon Jusco there. I was too lazy to change my clothes and went there in my class-tee. Mom said, "I wonder if you would see your classmates here. It would be so easy to recognise you in this way". Ah~ Luckily, i didn't see any.
30th January 2009.
Aunt from S'pore came over. Went to Kluang to settle some stuffs. On the way just curi-curi listened to the conversation of adults.
To get a driving licence in Malaysia it cost us about RM800-RM900.
To get a driving licence in S'pore it cost you AT LEAST $1000. Maybe up to $2000.
Singapore dollars, you know. Gah!
In the car we even came out with a conversation like this:
Aunt: Yi Ting, do you have a boyfriend now?
Me: No la.. ( lol? )
Aunt and Mom bla-bla-ing and came out with a conclusion:
Must find a guy that is stronger that you. You should feel protected, not protecting someone else.
Sounds familiar? Part of my answer in the Girl-Tag! Haha!!!
31 January 2009.
Visited another Aunt in Kota Tinggi. Had my nice time day-dreaming at the third row of the car without unnecessary disturbance from monkeys. Gah. I couldn't help but keep stuffing pineapple tarts into my mouth. Bohoo.
By the way, i found a calories table in the newspaper which made me more health-concern now. Or maybe, more calories-concerned. Even my youngest brother gila-gila together with me, taking every package of foods and read the nutritional facts before consuming. Two freaks.
Anyway, random photos in aunt's house!

The rambutan tree.

Dogs with hazel eyes (reminds me of the song "Behind These Hazle Eyes". LOL!). I told my mom that this dog was wearing contact lens. Cool eh?
1 February 2009.
Time to go home! Due to the late departure and late arrival, it was impossible for me to join the Bai-Nian trip with the others. Sad case. While they were happily (or unhappily?) gambling, i was spending my 3 and a half hour day-dreaming, once again.
And there ends my Chinese New Year trip.
Now, photos time!
Photography had been one of the best way to spend my time in hometown, even i don't have a pro camera like the others. Nevertheless, it was good enough! =D
Foods contributed in manufacturing the more-than-1-kg adipose tissue of mine:

Mini tangerine. Sweeter and seedless. Way nicer than the big one. LOL.

Nian Gao. The elders says "you will grow taller if you eat more nian gao", but LOOK AT ME? The Grow-Taller-Charm doesn't seems to work on me. I grow horizontally instead of vertically. Sad, sad.

Jumbo sized organic raisins. Good to prevent constipation. Shaunie, are you salivaring now?

The killer-food. Due to the OMG-high-calories of nut products. Again, too hard to resist, huh?

Homemade cookies. Name unknown. LOL.

Oily foods.

More random photos taken in the house while bored. In fact, these were just small part of it. LOL.


69. They made up a nice image, huh?

Brothers' temporary football.

Tang Long. Grand Livina. Mandarin Orange.

A peep in kitchen.

A long-distance relationship isn't easy. Because a rat can't possibly breed with a giraffe. LOL.

It's gonna rain!

Poked out fake flower. Weird.

Old specs belongs to.. unknown.

Damn. It is so late once again. I'm so gonna look like a dead corpse (isn't it alreadt dead?) while going to work tomorrow. Signing off.