Tagged by a cartoon called Snoopy.

Yea. The Snoopy that just make my night filled with laughter, even though i didn't really laughed out loud. LOL.

Rules : -

1) This tag is only for girls, no boys!
2) Be honest!
3) It must be true!
4) There must be only one answer, unless there is a 'more than one answer'.
5) Must tag ten peeps!
6) No tagging back!

I got no one to tag. Whoever who feel free to do this, just do it. An interesting tag, though.

Personal : -
1) What is your favourite colour?
The colour you get when you mix up white and red. =]

2) What is your favourite food?
(Only one answer arh? This is so cruel for me.) Fine. Let it be CHO-CO-LA-TE then. *salivaring*

3) What is your favourite drink?
Orange juice.

Small note: Do you realise that all 3 answers are name of colours? What a coincidence.

Guys :
1) What kind of guy do you prefer? ( More than one answer )
  • Cute looking. I know we can't judge a book from its cover but i can't help it. Gah. This world is just so realistic. If he is WuChun/JJ/LeeHom-look-alike, it will be an added bonus. THIS IS A JOKE.
  • As mentioned in blogs of others, a non-smoker. Smokers sucks to the max.
  • Smart. Not necessary in academic but at least he is pro in something that i'm noob with.
  • Romantic.
  • Able to make me laugh. I love to laugh. But, not with L-A-M-E jokes.
  • Have confidence with himself. And not telling me how suck he is, for all the time. Is not wrong to be humble at times, but I want to be protected, not protecting someone else. (especially when the "someone else" is a guy?!)
  • Care about my feeling.
  • Don't control me. We can have our own life, and need not to stick together all the time just to show the other oh-we-are-couple-now.
  • Respect me.
  • Need not to be a billionaire (lol), but not too poor. Again, i'm so realistic.
  • (if possible), able to play piano. Or any sort of music instrument (drum not included).
  • Love sports. Especially swimming/badminton/basketball. Don't really like football-dude. Don't ask me why!!
  • Taller than me (I can't imagine a 18-years-old guy who is SHORTER than me?!), yet not TOO TALL. You know, it will be very hard to lean on the shoulders. I probably will end up landing on his abdomen. LOL!
  • Older than me. Even just by one day?
  • Sexy body. JUST KIDDING! No uncle-style-big-belly will do. LOL.
(The list keep going on, so i shall stop here. I'll find this PERFECT guy with all the citerias above, ONLY in my dream. Gah!)
2) How you want your crush to confess to you? ( More than one answer )
  • Blindfold me (or ask me to close my eyes) and bring me to an empty hall. Suddenly the melody from piano break the dense silence of the hall. Slowly, i opened my eyes, and right in front of me, it was him, in white, playing a grand piano. Songs like "River Flows In You" filling my ears. I approached him without realising. He stopped. Moving his hands from the piano to my hand, he confessed, to me.
  • We are having a walk on the beach. Sea breeze blowing our cheeks, and the magnificent view of sea unfold right in front of us. We are walking at a really slow pace. Slowly, his hand found mine. I was quite shocked. Before i get to react, he confessed.
OH KAY OH KAY!!! It sounds so freaking dramatic (but romantic. lol.). Frankly speaking is not how we WANT it to be, right? As well as it is not through sms / msn ONLY. At least, through the phone, so that i could feel his existence (?!)
3What do you want your boyfriend to give you during Valentine's Day?
(Wait till i have one, and i'll tell you the actual answer. Right now, let me continue to crap.)
  • A necklace. With meaningful symbols.
  • A continuous supply of chocolate for one whole week.
  • A new blouse or short pants. (enough. enough)
  • A vacation. =D (again, in my dream larh.)
  • A dinner in my favorite restaurant. But i don't really have a favorite one. So, any delicious food will do.
  • Sing a song (that brings back memories of us) to me.
  • A kiss. (I thought this is a must? Gah.)
Bohoo. Note that i'm crapping more and more. It is almost 2a.m. now. Gotta sleep, before i faint in front of the computer with my eyeballs popping out form eye sockets. I've been staring at computer for all day long.
The longest tag, eh?