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Can't think of an appropriate title. LOL

It has been a month! Last month this day, what am i doing? Ho-ha-ing at Langkawi! Exactly! And (unbelievably, lol), i had successfully reduced the size of those photos, to the pixels which is the same as those taken with my cam. So, the total size is approximately 900++MB now. Still big, but at least less than 4GB. Haha! But, unfortunately, i still couldn't view those videos. Sad, sad.

Who wants reduced-size photos? Even though i think everyone get their own copies already. Heh.

The handphone is finally belongs to me ENTIRELY. Wohoo!

Nope, not a new phone. Between choosing to buy a more expensive phone for me and a cheaper phone for mom (she said she only need a cheap phone that can make phone call, since she don't care about the other functions. LOL), we chose the second option. So, my dad bought her a Nokia 1680, which was only RM175. But hey! Who say cheaper phone must be those lousy ones? At least this one, compared to mine (which still have a higher price in the market):
  • Have better games. LOL. It has sudoku in it!! Ahhh... compared to the stupid mahjong game, stupid golf game and the quite-stupid racing car game in my phone. Nyeh..
  • Have bigger screen. I like big screen stuffs.
  • Actually can capture clearer video compared to mine. What the?
  • Is better for camwhoring, because of the small mirror at the back. KIDDING, man.
  • Have more option for message tone. =(

Bohoo. Wait till i earn my OWN money, i'll buy a better phone. LOL.


Work. Ugh. Work. Why must i told them that 'i know accounts' when i go for interview? Now, they assign me to do something, that is quite tough for me. I'm just a newbie there, and i have to deal with all those real documents, not just checking or numbering them, but matching them. When the accounts are in order, it feels so good to do them. BUT when it comes to those bloody messy ones... i can pull my hair off, if there is no one watching me at that time. Like this evening. I always feel so fed up, when i can't solve a problem. Damn la. I hope i'm not gonna do the same thing over and over and over and over again for this 2 months. I haven't sign the contract, anyway, so i can cabut anytime, right? LOL.

Poh Yee ahhhhh.. why your job looks much more simplier, even though we are paid the same? I want to exchange with you larh..

*I know i sounds like some sort of lazy worm or even a failure here. I should accept them as challenge. But still, it should be step by step, right? I know i should try to love my job, since i choose for it. LOL.*

If only I was borned in January, and officially 18, I can be a mental arithmetic teacher now, which is what i prefer, actually.

If i stop working now, i'll be left totally nothing to do again, which will be worse. Bohoo.

I hope my boss didn't see this post. LOL.

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