New year.

Too lazy to go into the details. Not that there is much detail for me to describe, though. So lets settle this post with photos.

BBQ party @ Marcus's house:

The Food.

Drink made by Wun Yeun's mom. With some cucumbers and limes. It is tasty! Something special. Heh.

The cookies are made by Wun Yeun's mom too. Reminds me of CNY. Woo~ i can't wait! Miss my cousins so much!


Don't say i simply judge sushi, Oh Kay? I tried ANOTHER one (or two) today, and as conclusion, i STILL dislike sushi.
No offence to sushi-lovers out there!
And i'm looking for another person who dislike sushi, like me.

If you are the one, please let me know in my c-box!

So that i know, i'm NOT the only w.e.i.r.d one.

Some sort of cheese pasta (?!)

Whatever it is, it tasted good.

Cookies made by Peh Ge!

Ahha! These are cookies i mentioned in my previous post, the one that i couldn't resist from stuffing them into my mouth. LOL.

The fire + sotong ball. LOL.

Potato. And the hands belongs to unknown. LOL.

Later we went to visit Sheen Yeen and the others, which are having their BBQ party nearby. These were their BBQ stuffs!

As there were swings nearby, some of us went to play with them (like small children. lol). Mandy could actually swing very high! So we start to swing+sing until it became more like swing+scream. Damn syiok. I wish i could stay longer, too.

By the way, due to the temporary syiok-ness:

#1: I lost the bear-bear which is my handphone hanger. It is a birthday present (last year) from my pet sis! Oh my....

#2: i spoilt my sandals. So chunt-ed. Don't ask me how because i don't know how i do that too!
Poor shoes.

Later we lepak back to Marcus's hse and there comes my previous post. LOL.

Peh Ge and Marcus's laptop. She updated her blog before me. Haha!

Went out for chit-chatting awhile. I started to do something idiotic again, i.e. rolling unwanted sotong ball over some rusted stuffs. End up, the sotong ball, appears more like... a charcoal?!

When it was almost 11.30pm we climbed up the roof and waited for fireworks. Too bad my position is not feng-shui enough. Didn't get to see any magnificent fireworks. Gah.

Up the roof. Oops? Photo is dark.

Last but not least,

Group photo for the girls. =]

And, there ends my 2008.

This post was created when i reached home from the party. Guess what? i slept at almost 3a.m. OMG man. Might sounds nothing to you, but it is a record for me. LOL.
No more sleeping late, man. Gotta work tomorrow!
Start to miss the time hanging out with friends. Gah.
Even small things like "clubbing" together. (lol)
Went to Puchong to lepak today, thus i couldn't join the others. =(
Anyway, all the best to everyone in the year of 2009!