More more updates!

( i still can't figure out a better title for this post, like the previous one. Gahh..)

Have been feeling quite tired+lazy nowadays. Whenever i come back from work, i feel so exhausted, and i don't know why. I don't even feel like watching the TV. I only online for about 1++ hours a day (excluding the time i curi-curi visit my blog in the office. LOL.). Hey, i used to waste about.. 5 or 6 hours in front of the computer, doing nothing necessary? Haha! I don't even feel like blogging sometimes. And do you realise my blog no longer has a background music? I removed it, wanted to change to some nice piano songs, but too lazy to search for them. Gah. Furthermore, i don't have much time to chat with friends during weekdays.


Anyway, working has been better for me. Recently whenever i'm done with the thing i'm suppose to do (for temporary), i'll go to the other departments to help out, e.g. doing some file-ing job for Sze Yee. And i actually enjoyed that! Additionally, i get to see the others (like Kai Jing and CKK) more frequently when i was helping in the other departments.

And, and, i'm more familiar with the programme that i'm using in office. I found a better way to complete the task so i won't get insane over it. Haha.

Today, the girls (me and Poh Yee) seems to be so damn free before lunch and the guys (CKK and Kai Jing) seems to be so busy. Didn't see Yong Shiang, though. So contrast. We were waiting to help but everyone seems to be too busy to tell us what to do. So we started to pose at their place like visitors. LOL.

Some of my random thoughts:
  • Office has some sort of office-smell. I can smell it whenever i open the door and want to go upstairs.
  • I'll start humming song, without me realising, during work. What to do? Yin Peng, who's sitting near to me, plays all sort of nice songs for the whole day. Couldn't resist to sing along.
  • Another benefits of helping in other departments is i get to see leng-lui. LOL.
  • My blog looks slightly different in my office laptop.
  • I go to the toilet more than 5 times a day. Not that i LOVE it so bloody much, but it is a great place to relax myself (?!)
  • I'll visit my blog at least 1 time a day if i get to on my office laptop. I hope i won't kena pecat because of this. LOL.

Oh kay. That's all for office-updates.


I miss :

  • My baju kurung.
  • Add maths.
  • Go kepoh at my friend's place in school.
  • The 4th room of the toilet, which doesn't has a lock. But hey, it is cleaner, and it will not swing open as well as no one kicks it.
  • Staying back.
  • SMC's thosai. Eh? it brings back school memories for me. I seldom eat mamak with my family.
  • Decorating the class every year.
  • Girl Guide's activities.
  • Random jokes from classmates that can make the whole class burst in laughter.

And a lot more. Just couldn't recall them for now. Woooo~