Like mother, like daughter

First of all,

  • I got the tendency to combine incident happend in few days in one post. I'm too tired, to stare at any computer, for any longer, during weekdays.
  • I was so tired until i forgot to give a title for my previous post. Gah. Need not to scroll down now.
  • I break my own record today. I DIDN'T get to visit my blog through office laptop today, NOT EVEN ONCE. No bloody time for that.
  • And another record. I was on OT just now. Oh-yea-finally-i-got-the-chance-to-OT-like-the-guys-huh? (Ugh.) It would be worse for me, tomorrow, like what predicted by Poh Yee. Just hope i don't get to break CKK's record. I WANT MY PERSONAL TIME, OK?


(Things above are written on Thursday. The fact is, i only OT for 30 minutes today. Wahaha..)


Once upon a time there lives a mom and a daughter.

Scene #1:

On the way to club for swimming.



"I forgot to bring my goggles!" (imaginary "=.=!!" look on the face)

"Ah~ Forget about it. If we turn back to get your goggles we'll be late. Let see wheter the Indian Aunty (the cleaner) has any (that is left by the as-blur-as-me members)"

"Oh. OK lorh."

Scene #2

On the way from parking lot to swimming pool.

"Oh!" (Mom's turn)

"What?" (Daughter's turn)

(Moving the hand from the left to the right in the bag) "WHERE'S MY GOGGLES??"

"Ahaha!!" (Laugh-out-loud in the heart) (damn bad, i know.) "Nah Nah Nah.. You can't blame me this time."


"Maybe it is in the car."

(search search search)

(no result)

Ahha. End up BOTH of us had to lend goggles from the Indian Aunty.

"This is called 'like mother like daughter"


LOL. Maybe you wont find it funny. But my MOM, who claimed that i'm a "Dai Tau Har" (Big Head Prawn?!?! Whatever it is), is as blur as me. LOL. LOL. LOL.