Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

A very normal title of post. Yeah, everyone out there, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR, once again!

Note that I'm not saying "Happy CNY". This year, i just don't feel like using this abbreviation. Who is the one who came out with this idea, anyway?

Imagine telling your grandparents: "Ah Gong, Ah Mah, Happy See-And-Why ah!", I bet their face will look like this if their facial muscles still works well:

" o.O "

See-And-Why. CNY. Exactly! Can you sense any Kemeriahan-Tahun-Baru-Cina from the word See-And-Why?

Forget this.

Recently i found out even Gong Xi Fa Cai have became "GXFC". That's even weirder. It looks more like KFC to me. Or, some sort of new brand for clothing? Or the name of latest technology creation?

Ugh. Whatever.

Anyway, I'm very much in Chinese New Year mood recently. Ignoring the fact that i'm gonna have my butt stuck at the car seat for 4 freaking hours tomorrow (Oh! Oh! It's tomorrow!), I'm still very much excited over it. Maybe, it is because i can have leave for one whole week! I can meet with my cousins! I can eat eat and eat all sorts of FOOOOOOOOD (Gah!)!

I'm just excited. LOL.

This child got excited very easily nowadays. For no obvious reason. Thus, just let her syiok-sendiri.

So, dear readers, i will be m.i.a for one whole week! I'm gonna miss my PC. Not my office laptop. LOL.

If you are heading to the south of Peninsular Malaysia tomorrow, and get to see a pig having her already-sepet-eyes tightly shut and mouth widely opened in a Grand Livina,

that's me.


So, once again, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

p/s: It is a black-and-red post! Looks like the chess. Gah.