Finally, you stupid undang test.

Update will be a short one. I'm having sudden headache. But i still want to swim later. Bohoo.

Finally, after about one freaking week, i take my undang exam (Suppose to take it before Christmas!). And no, i didn't fail, if you are waiting to have a big laugh at me. *Grins*. 47/50. Not perfect, but good enough. LOL.

The worst thing of the day is the waiting part. I went there alone (consider so), as i don't have any close friends to talk to. Initially Poh Yee wanted to go at around 1 but her instructor ffk-ed her. Haha! Sitting down, having nothing better to do, i started to glance around dreamily, and texted my pet sis, Ai Wen, for most of the time. Sien like hell, man.

After i completed the test, things were not over yet. I gotta wait, A.G.A.I.N. Wth. i hate to wait so much. This time, is a worse one. I was oh-so freaking hungry, and i'm desperately in need of toilet. And so damn unfortunately, the toilet there, looks as if it was not cleaned for years (Yes, note this, years, not months. Ugh). I phoned the fella but he reached so damn late. Wanted to ask my mom to come over instead (Yes, i was that desperate) but i didn't know the exact location of the place. Bloody hell.

First thing i did when i reached home was giving a scream "I PASS!" to my mom, and fled to the toilet immediately, bang the door so hard, ignoring the fact that i might get scolding from mom. How dramatic.

I just love the toilet in my dear-dear home.