Addiction, again.

I'm still having addiction towards food. Especially chocolates. No doubt.

The Monster of Guilt bite me like a hungry ghost whenever my teeth sank into another piece of OhMyGodSoTempting Chocolate.
One new pimple will scream in victory for conquering my face with every bites into a chocolate chips.

Oh kay. I am exaggerating. Not this bad, larh.

*English getting worse..*

Anyway, the point of setting up this post is not to show my enthusiasm towards chocolate, AGAIN and AGAIN.

The blogger is currently addicted to a new thing:


It looks messy here. Some random cut-and-paste(s). But whenever i see a blouse / skirt / dress with these patterns, I'll become like.. "OHMYGOSH I WANT THIS".

Doesn't sounds like the real Yi Ting, eh?

Nevertheless, it is ME.

So end up, i bought a skirt and a dress with such pattern. And i wanted a blouse with this pattern, too. Complete collection marh.

Since when i become such a money-spending-machine?