Before i start, here's some updates:

  • Currently waiting for the Langkawi videos (from ZenJ's cam) to be converted. My comp used to be able to play MOV files but not now. Gah. Playing those vids looks more like playing a movie with sounds ONLY. But they are still able to make me laugh. LOL. (updates: after waiting for the whole night, i'm still UNABLE to convert the file. Why? Whyyyy????)

  • Went for go kart with Mandy, Sheen Yeen, Julia, Charlotte, Keith, Jacky and Jin Xiang just now. I have phobia driving now. LOL. Almost everyone get to cut me. If not mistaken, Jacky cut me for THREE times for the 2nd round. THREE. OMG. But i'm not to be blamed larh. I'm a noob without a driving licence [*excuses*]. And guess what? i did the 360˚ thing for more than 5 times BUT less than 10 times. I'm dangerous. I know.

  • It is a confirmed fact that i CAN'T finish a whole can of carbonated drinks like Coke all by MYSELF. Realised this quite some time but this thing was confirmed again today. LOL. I can only manage to drink 1/3 of a can of Coke. Whole stomach is filled with gas. Ughh.

  • I ate damn lot of things today. And because of the stupid rain, i couldn't go for swimming, A.G.A.I.N. I need to exercise! Rain, i hate you when you visit me at the wrong time. LOL.

  • Recently have been spending my nights chatting with girlfriends ONLY. only GIRLS. Gonna get use to this kinda life, larh. Additionally, in my opinion, chinese songs still rocks. LOL. Even though they might be emo, sounds emo, with emo lyrics, and caused people to be emo (lol), they still rocks. Gah.

Ok, enough for the craps, here i go:

Quite lazy to talk much. LOL. So will let the photos do the talking.

Family trip from 13dec~16dec

Stopped at somewhere, i don't know where, to have our lunch. It was really cheap. LOL. Stopped at Teluk Intan after that.

The town of Teluk Intan. Saw the big fake Heong Peah? Mom bought quite a lot of stuffs from that shop. I miss its Chicken Floss Puff. Cheap yet tasty.. Yum!

Oposite of the shop was the so-called Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan. Being a jakun (as usual), i was running around to get a great spot to capture the tower (and make it looks that it IS a LEANING tower) despite the freaking hot sun, but failed. The tower looks straight in the photos. LOL.

The tower and the blue sky. Nice background.

The tower, again. It is only senget by a bit, OK? Google-ed the photos of it, and it looks straight in most of the photos. Aha! Seems like it is not my problem. *smile*

Hopping into the car, we continued our journey to Lumut.

Passed by a paddy field. Blue sky + Green field + My hand. Kinda like this photo. Not because of my hand (lol) but because i'm the one who take the photo. XD XD of the scenery. :P
So, blah-and-blah, found a hotel in Lumut and started to walk around. To tell the truth, for those that want to go to the Pangkor Island, DON'T buy the stuffs there. Buy in Lumut instead. It is a lot cheaper. At least that was what Mom said, larh. Fell in love with honey roasted cuttlefish again. But no one wants to eat it except me. It is so yummy ok? (I know Peh Ge don't like it too. Hah!)

Night view of Lumut from my hotel.
Anyway, there was a concert showing on NTV7 that night. 神木与瞳(Shen Mu Yu Tong / Y2J) were performing! OMG! i really love the girl's voice. And all the 3 songs that they sang were all my fav's. Hah! But i still think the guy look so gay in that hair. Gah.
Settled our breakfast at a mamak shop. Reminds me of schooldays again. F.Y.I, my family don't really like mamak food, espeacially my parents. Thus, for most of the time, i ate mamak foods just because i have to stayback for school activities. And THUS, mamak food = schoolife. Gah.
After breakfast, we went to walk around again before going to the Pangkor Island.
This was found at the jetty.
Blah-and-blah, (again) (i use this term a lot whenever i blog about a trip.) we went to Pangkor and there were freaking lots of people waiting for the jetty heading to Lumut. Maybe one can reach Lumut faster if he/she swims there, rather than waiting for the freaking looooooooong queue. Hah!
After checking in to the hotel, we went out for a walk along the beach. And believe me, MALAYSIA IS REALLY SMALL. As there were few persons playing banana boat nearby, i was observing them (without specs) and telling my parents about our banana-boat-experience in Langkawi. And those people looks so familiar. Later i saw Mr.Lee (the PTAG one. Not PTDD) paying for the banana boat, and those familiar-ones were actually some form4 girls from my high school. I was like.. what?! I didn't know PTAG was organising a trip to Pangkor, eh? Whatever it is.
Some photos taken along the beach:
The sea and my Heong Peah. Oh wait, they don't link to each other. LOL.

My name again. Not as nice as the one i did during Langkawi. But hey, this one has my shadow in it. With my blowing hairs. Heh. Will photoshop it one day to make it look nicer. LOL!!

Brothers' creation. With handprints and footprints. Before this three of us were trying to bury ourselves. BUT STILL, I HAVE NOT BURIED ANYONE IN THIS YEAR! Didn't do so to Keith during Langkawi, and my bro-s refused to become the victim as well. Why lar?

A dog SUN BATHING. As if it is not black enough? haha!

Later, having nothing better to do, we rent a canoe and start canoeing. Being a first-timer, i THOUGHT it would be easy, so i confidently jumped into the canoe with my youngest bro, thinking that oh-i-will-be-able-to-do-this-because-it-looks-easy. End up? We were going further and further and my dad was SO worried of us. Me-the-Noob tried to act pro, again. At the end of the day, i was drenched in sea water + rain water, even though i didn't plan to make myself wet initially.
It was raining at night. I TOLD YOU I HATE THE RAIN WHEN IT COMES AT THE WRONG TIME. For example, in such situation. We were stucked in the hotel and unable to go far. Luckily the rain stopped around 9pm. And i slept really early.
While having our breakfast, some bird-ie (i forgot their name. lol) pay a little visit to our hotel.
Mom said this photo is nice. Of course lah! Who's the one who captured it? *Ahem.. Ahem..*

Wishing farewell to the Pangkor Island, we headed to the next destination: Ipoh. As we passed by the Ipoh Parade, there was a nice building beside it with a banner saying "Good Luck for PMR and SPM". And out of the sudden, i gasped: " OH MY GOSH! THIS IS YASMIN'S SCHOOL!!!" and i repeated this when we passed by there again, and again. I'm always annoying. Yay.
Stayed in the same hotel we stayed 4 years ago (if not mistaken): Hotel Excelsior. They provide good service, so why not? Youngest bro started to jakun with those switches until the fuse break (i think) and there was no electricity in the room except for toilet. Gah. Having nothing better to do, i did this:
Camwhore with my mom's shades in the toilet. LOL.
Lepak-ed around the streets at night. But it was too early for the night market. Aiyak.
Day4! Brothers started to miss the computer (guys.. guys...). Had a nice breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. Mom called her old friends to chit-chat. Will i be like her next time? Calling every single one of you just to chit-chat. Perhaphs i'll be using MSN instead of phone? Cheaper mah!
After checking out, had our lunch at a Yong Tau Fu shop. YONG TAU FU!!! Heh! Later we visited some i-forgot-what caves. Some of the photos taken were like below:

One of the caves that have many tortoise. But LOOK AT THE WATER. It was PINK colour. How freaking long was the last time they change the water? It was smelly. Poor tortoises.

Nice building. But no one seems to maintain it. Wasted.

Another one.
What happend after this? Don't ask me. I was in my deep slumberland by that time, and i NEED to sleep now.
Or i'll oversleep and unable to wake up early for Times Square tomorrow. So lazy, larh.
p/s: note that there's face of no one in the photos above except for my camwhore pic (lol). Brothers might kill me if they see their face in my blog, you know. Dahlah tak suka ambil gambar.
When nothing happens, it means something happend.
Not that i don't want to make a change, but i don't know how to make that change.