Times Square!

Hmm.. i realise i seriously update my blog EVERYDAY, ignoring whether my previous post is read by the others. LOL. Too free, anyway, so why not? Besides, it has been a freaking busy week for me, my home somehow become a place to eat, sleep, watch tv and online only. This kinda life, is gonna continue until prom, i predict.

Prom! It is within....3 days? OMG. Without realising, huh? In my mind, prom is still oh-so-long-to-go and out of a sudden, woots, it is within 3 days. LOL. Looking forward for surprises on that night (not on me, though) if there is any. Haha!

Waiting for my nail polish to dry. I have to be extra careful now.

And, and, i realise i'm quite lazy to update about things happend on yesterday or even earlier. But still, having nothing better to do, i'm gonna update about our trip yesterday. LOL

Reached late at McD (purposely because i don't want to wait. LOL) and forgot to bring PehGe's choc. Oh by the way, there were me, Peh Ge, Sheen Yeen, Julia, Jacky, Keith, Ckk, and the Birthday Girl, Miss Mandy Chong. Heh. So first of all, we went to the KTM station in Shah Alam. As we reached KL Sentral, the girls immediately rush out from the train to the monorail station, and pretend that we don't know those not-gentleman guys. We can live without guys. Muahahaha.. (lol). Later we took the monorail to Times Square, and start to shop around.

(Things below does not happend in sequence)

We went to the Old Town Kopitiam to have our lunch and had a small chit-chat after that. Looks like i'm not the only one who is interested in fake eyelashes. LOL. Seriously speaking, my eyelashes are too short, so short that mascara might not work well on it.

What is this. Yi Ting is talking about make-ups now. Gah.

Watched the movie "Yes Man". Quite hilarious. Laughed my lungs out at the scene when Carl tried to distort his face with cellophone tape. But the ending of the movie is so... hanging?! By the way, i think the main actress is so pretty and cool!

Anyway, even though some says that Times Square is the "HQ of lala-s", i don't think i saw any super-lala-mui/zai. Perhaphs lala-s need holiday too?

Additionally, we passed by the very-creepy so-called lala shop: I-SOCKS. Yes, i think it is really creepy. And weird.

Stopped by at a shop to buy clothes. Not me, but Mandy and Jacky. Jac bought his prom shirt while Mandy chose her CNY shirt. I was hunting for CNY clothes too, but didn't buy any.

The only dress from the shop that i tried out. I love the colour! But didn't buy it because it was RM70, if not mistaken. I'm not so rich, larh. And i think i look quite fat in it. LOL.
(The fella there says we were not suppose to take photos. But who cares? xD)

As i mentioned earlier, i was looking for my CNY clothes. Found a pair of short pants worth RM25.60 and a blouse priced RM29.90. But i was too lazy to try both of them, so i didn't buy. Aiyarrrr...

Besides, i bought my first four pairs of earings at a price of RM10. Was looking for necklace but couldn't find any that make me have the love-at-first-sight feeling at it. Sheen Yeen was looking for the same thing too, and like me, she couldn't find any and started to jokingly merajuk. Haha!!

And, and, we went in to a shop selling laptops and YES, I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE PINK COLOUR VAIO LAPTOP BUT IT WAS ALMOST RM4000. Sheeeeeeeshhh!! It looks so sweet. the red one looks nice too.Sexy red. Haha!!

The Christmas tree there. Not as nice as the one in Sunway Pyramid, i think. And we didn't take a group photo with it. =(

Not forgetting what we saw near this Chrismas tree. Some teenagers were shuffling in front of everyone and their friends were recording it. All of us was like.. "What the hell is he doing?"

On the way back from the monorail station to the train station we met with few formal classmates which study in SMK Alam Megah 2. Malaysia, is really SMALL.
Last but not least, THE TRAIN. The freaking train. We were supposed to go back around 5 but without noticing, we headed to the train station later than what we've planned and it was a WRONG time, indeed. It was the peak hour, and we missed our 1st train. Fearing that we might miss it for the 2nd time, we tried our best to squeeeeeeeeeeeze into the train, and out of 8 person, only 4 (me, Sheen Yeen, CKK, Peh Ge) suceed. It was not easy, ok. Two big-sized man was beside me, i think my bones and cartilage almost break. Things got worse in the train, whereby there was a few minutes that it was so packed, until i think my ribcage was unable to expand. Like what Sheen Yeen said, we might be carrying out anaerobic respiration if this continues any longer.
Mandy, Peh Ge and Sheen Yeen hurt their feets.
I'm the only girl who wear pants. But why not? Pants rocks!
Miss Shorter-Than-YiTing-by-1cm i.e. Chew Sheen Yeen wore a pair of high heels which made me the SHORTEST PERSON among the eight of us. She was so delighted at the sight. Unfair larh!
What else? i couldn't recall them anymore for now. A fun day afterall. Girls, we should really go shopping more frequently. Shop for girly stuffs. Haha!!
Undang ceramah tomorrow. Save me.