Schoolhood Memories..=]

Chatting with friends last night inspired me to come out with post like such due to random thoughts.

We always heard people saying “Oh, I love my form3 life the most” or “oh! My form 5 life is the best”, etc. Even myself said that before. I said I’ll love my Form5 life (And I said this line when it is not even mid year. LOL). Thinking back, I think my life in every year cannot be compared.

My form1 life was quite different, I think. I was anti-boys back then. LOL. And always got bullied by 3 monsters. i.e. Shaunie, PehGe, and Mandy. Maybe the other classmates, especially the guys dislike us due to our anti-guy-ism. But can I say that my Form1 life sucks? Nope. Recalling that time, whenever it is recess time or during co-curricular activities, 5 of us (me, Shaunie, PehGe, SheenYeen, Mandy) would gather and do all sorts of stupid stuffs. Mandy started with all sorts of hamsap jokes and hamsap comics. We laughed a lot. Had no emo stuffs to be worried (lol?). My form1 life does not sucks.

Form2 was a year where there were challenges towards our friendships. Due to those reasons, we always have fights among ourselves. Forcing a friend to choose between her girl-friends or her boyfriend was what we did. Immature, huh? Again, can I say it is a unhappy year? Not entirely. In fact, the bond between friends get even stronger after all those quarrels as we understand each other even more. MOREOVER, no need to fight also liao larh! After one big big big ROUND, they are still together *ahem, ahem*. Frankly, I believe this is called true love. As for things happened on me, I believe I was happy and blissful back then. Even though it was already a history, even though there is no sparks anymore, even though I couldn’t recall much sweet memories, but I believe it was good, larh. So, my form2 life does not sucks, too.

Form3, PMR! If not mistaken, things between me and someone got better and more stable. That’s what I remember, larh. Lots of funny stuffs happened in the class (like the Tsunami slayer! LOL) . Four of us (me, Shaunie, PehGe, Audrey) were so close to each other, we shared secrets, laughed together, etc. etc. Miss those days that 4 of us stick together like glue. LOL!! Yet, it was PMR. So, it was a stressful year, I think. So, quite a happy year, yet it was not the best among this 5 years.

Form4 was kind a new year. We have new classmates. Friends are parted into different class. We met with new people. Got involved into Girl Guide activities even more and truly enjoyed. Met with even more crazy people. And again, there were no 100% happiness for everyday. After struggling and thinking deep for half a year, I finally made that decision. I know it was quite cruel to say this, but I was relieved after the decision was made. Lies cannot hide the truth forever, anyway. Another not-the-best-or-the-worst year.

Form5, the year of 2008. A hectic beginning. Really hectic beginning. Having competition, quiz, blah and blah, so many things! Started my blogspot blog too, a blog that looks like a blog (My previous one was rarely updated by me). Even more crazy things that we’ve done, whether they were happened in the class, during Girl Guides activities, or whatever it is. Glad with all the memories you guys gave me. Thank you for caring my feelings. I’ll appreciate it. And even if i dont, i'll start to appreciate it now. For more details please visit (lol. like you are not here.). Again, it was a stressful year. And guess what, I miss the month before SPM very much! We talked and talked a lot in the school, wrote the autograph books, and study like shyt in home. Back in home, I always study in front of the computer, with my monitor closed, and study with the accompany of piano songs. Whenever I’m done and turn on the monitor again, I always have someone to chat with, to release my stress for awhile, before I continue for a longer journey. Stressful but wonderful. And this month itself, we had been running here and there and did lots of memorable stuffs. Yet, in my current mood, I would not say that Oh-My-This-Is-Definitely-The-Best-Year-In-My-High-School anymore. Like I mentioned just now, it is not 100% happy year. There are tears between all the laughter.

Thus, this 5 years, are incomparable.

Currently, a big part of me (yes, a BIG part) is unwilling to leave my high school life. We have tons of fun! I think I’m in the right friends, and with them, I feel secured. I feel treasured. Yet, another small part of me wish my next phase of life come really soon. In a new atmosphere, will I change myself? Will I do something that I never did before? Those people don’t know me previously, anyway, so would it be a good chance to re-sculpture myself? Will that be the real me? I don’t know. Stepping into the new phase in life, I would be able to leave behind all those gossips haunting me (is there any? Haha!!). Whatever it is, I will definitely miss you guys. Heh.

[Draft written at 1++am of 20Dec. Sudden inspiration. I know I should sleep earlier as I have my undang ceramah tomorrow! (oh no, not tomorrow. It is already today. Lol) ]


Updates on 20Dec:

By the way, undang ceramah is super duper extremely freaking B.O.R.I.N.G. I must say, I'm fortunate enough to own a HANDPHONE (even though it was not entirely mine). I think i sent out more than 30 sms-es during that 7 hours. Sounds like a small amount to some people, but it was quite a lot for me. LOL.