Random photos during exam

Before i start, here's some of my random thoughts:

-Painting is a good way to waste time. I was painting something just now, and ta-da! 4 hours (or 5 hours) passed by WITHOUT ME REALISING. Wooo..

-Internet line was out yesterday. Gah. What a nice time. Right after SPM and the line is out! But glad that it is back today. So, forget bout it.

-LANGKAWI TOMORROW!!! OMG... freaking excited (lol). And suddenly i'm missing everyone. I want to go out!!

-Some really shyt-ty stuffs happened yesterday. But not good to be mentioned here.

OK. Here comes the random photos taken during SPM. Can ignore this post if you think it is lame. I admit it is quite lame. LOL. (Out of thing to update! Just let it be here before i update about Langkawi. Heh.)

The 1st paper of SPM. Made me go "Wahhhhhh.." in my heart when i saw this. It is so COLOURFUL.


Behind sejarah1 paper. Anyone knows what am i drawing. LOL


Behind Chemistry1. Don't ask me why am i so obsessed with my own name. LOL.

Shyt you Physics 3. Yes i'm really fed up the with question, until i added some poo-s in the trolley. OK.. I know I'm childish. LOL

Another Shyt-You paper. THIS IS THE ONE. The crappest paper of SPM. i don't understand the whole thing. They added more subjective questions this time. Crap.


The last paper. I doodled this before the exam starts. And Hui En saw me doing so. (oops.).

When i mention that my bookshelf is PACKED, i mean it.

I'm really messy...

More books..

EVEN MORE BOOKS! There is really NO empty space at all. I need to take out a book before i put in another one. Gah.


That's all for the update.. I can't wait for tomorrow! haha!

p/s: Chatting with many people now. LOL. Can't concentrate on blogging.