Prom 2008.

First of all, i should be studying undang for the test tomorrow. But after almost a month without books, i can't seems to study anything anymore. UGH. Wish me get the easy set. I don't want to fail. Or people might be thinking "How come you can ace your school exam but fail your undang test?!" Ugh, ugh.

No.2, in case i forgot to ask you guys personally about this, i'd like to ask it out here: helping Poh Yee to ask this, though. Who's interested in the job at the Ogawa office (in KK)? Monthly payment = RM700, working hour = 9am-6.15pm. Personally might not be going now, as my mom asked me to settle my driving lesson and exam first. Oh well, i think i should be a full-time tuition teacher for my bro now. LOL.

Ah~ anyway, it was prom yesterday. Reached there at about 5.30pm and waited, waited and WAITED for so long. Gahhh.. Too lazy to talk much about this. Photos says everything.

The Black Tie Affair! Woooo~

Photos below are not in sequence. Too lazy (again) to arrange them. Should be not a big problem, huh? Anyway, photos of my besties first!

With Shaunie, my hottie-bestie. Best-bestie. Her colourful dress is so special and out-standing! And ya, she has beautiful eyes. :D

With Peh Ge, the ballerina! She has beautiful eyes too! So tall la you!

With Sheen Yeen, my xin ling xiang tong La Gong. We are of the same height today. LOL. I'm gonna miss her this Miss Shorter-than-YT-by-1cm. *evil laughs*

With the very cute Mandy. We are wearing the same colour dress. And yea, she really looks like ChunLi, don't you think so? The Sesat Queen that always make me laugh so much! AND, she's a BIG MAGNET, you know?

Here comes the other photos:
Prom King (Ji Kin) & Prom Queen (Julia) dancing.

Food that i couldn't finish. LOL. When i saw the chocolate cake (Yes, it is coated with THICK chocs!!), i was so excited, without realising that it is actually Banana-Chocolate Cake. BANANA SPOILTS EVERYTHING.

Talking about the foods, they were not bad. Like the vege lagsania especially (even though i throw out all the brocolli. Anti-Brocolli.). The soup was tasty too!

With Hui En a.k.a Patty Slow. She's so pretty and looks like a doll! Don't you agree with me? Like her slightly wavy hair especially, it suits her well!

With Julia the Prom Queen! We were wearing the same earrings, anyway, but couldn't be seen clearly in this photo larh (duh..). This is our "School-Flower" (Direct translation of 校花. LOL)
Another magnet. Haha!!

My prom ticket(s). I forgot to bring my own ticket. I TOTALLY FORGOT THE EXISTENCE OF TICKET. But, i'm not the only blur one. As i was doing the registration i realised quite a number of people forgot their tickets too. Hah!!
Talking about registration, i was standing on my high-heels for that.. 30 minutes?! I don't know how long it was, but why was i so stupid, until i chose to stand instead of sitting down? Unaware the fact that i was wearing a pair of heels, huh?

Mandy, me, Hui En. Dresses of the same colour! And i love this pic too. Hah!!

Another one.

Peh Ge, Sheen Yeen, Shaunie, Me. Close friends since primary school. Mandy is missing. LOL.

With Shyuan, another hottie. =D

My table. =]

Yoke Ling, Yin Ying, me. Yin Ying's dress was nice!

Peh Ge performing ballet. After 8 years, FINALLY we could see her performing her ballet! A graceful ballerina~

CKK and Sheen Yeen. They did the first performance. So sweet la both of them!

Keith, Julia, Shen Loong. All black-black.
With Shen Loong, my prom date. Thanks for fetching me. Heh.

With Sam. We went there together with Shen Loong's car.

Camwhoring while waiting (lol. lol. lol.) I couldn't believe i could settle my own make-up without the help of anyone. Mom didn't teach me, though. What i did for this few weeks was just You-tubing. LOL. The eyeliner part took me sooooooooooo damn long.
Didn't do anything to my hair. I just cut it short. A hairstyle that i wanted so long ago, but fearing that i would face problem to tie it to school, i waited for it until NOW. :D

Shaunie and Marcus. Awwwwww~

Last but not least, a group pic! Got really high at the end. We looked so high. LOL.
Too lazy to upload the pic of performances.
Half was dancing i took out my shoes before i continue. Jumping up and down with high heels hurts, you know! The surface area of shoes touching the ground is so small and the pressure acting on my feet is so great.
And, when i reached home, i realise a part of mine hurt badly: my ears. Ouch. Imagine jumping up and down with a pair of quite-heavy earings danggling over my quite-newly-pierced ear holes. Ouch ouch ouch. It took me so long to change my earrings back to original one. The hole bleed. Sobs, sobs.
I think that's all, gua. Enjoy the part we danced like mad people. LOL.
Like what they have said last night, i was the only one which is still 16 now. Sheeeesh. Nevermind, i'm still young. LOL.
People, update your blog! =D
Sudden remember about this:
One of the background music played during prom was River Flows in You by Yiruma!!!
It is a piano songs, and i heard it when i was taking my food.
Somehow, it brings back memories, even though it does not link to those memories directly.
I think they should play more piano songs like such, seriously. =]