Just done vacuuming the whole upstairs of my home. I'm gonna be deaf in no time if i continue to expose myself to such high-frequency sound. LOL. Tiring, yet fun. At the end i got very excited whenever i saw a spider web/ dust b'cz i could SUCK them. (suck. this sounds so wrong..)

Additionally, F.I.N.A.L.L.Y my mom allowed me to throw away my old old and VERY OLD newspapers, i.e. those "student newspaper" we read those days like 星星报. Initially mom wanted to keep them for my brothers BUT ever since this thing called INTERNET was introduced to us, it sounds impossible for my brothers to have any interest toward those dusty and OLD newspapers. AND IT IS EATING UP THE SPACE OF MY ROOM! Finally i can get rid of them. Ahaha.

Gonna go out for swimming later. I LOVE SWIMMING!

p/s: Sheesh. SHEEESH. I want those photos!

p/p/s: After long thoughts, i finally realise that i'm not alone. Compared to the others, i'm far more fortunate. For this, i will stop sighing, be optimist, look at the bright side, and smile. I believe, things are not as bad as what i thought previously. Stay cheerful, marh.