Officially 17!

Ahem.. i'm not a small girl anymore. I'm OFFICIALLY 17 today! *laughs inside the heart*. Anyway, thanks to the following people for wishing me. Heh.

(Try to arrange them according to the time i received the wished from them. :D)

  1. Shen Loong (at 9.00pm of the day before. Wayyyyyy earlier. But he was sick, so not to be blamed. lol.)
  2. Li Jia (Friendster friend? Friend's friend? Just saw her wishing in my Friendster's comment. Haha!)
  3. Jacky (Even though he was tired after coming back from genting, huh? Able to endure until 11.40pm to wish me, that's "yao yi hei" enough. LOL!)
  4. Mandy (She wished me for.. 8 times! Since she couldn't manage to wish me right at 12am, she decided to create another record. Hahaha!! Thanks larh!)
  5. Keith (First to wish right at 12.00am. Why? Because he was bullying me for 10 minutes right before it was officially 28Dec. Gah. Hey! I'm not small girl NOW!)
  6. Yin Ying (Thanks thanks thanks!)
  7. Shaunie (Her clock was 12.00am but mine was 12.05am. TOO BAD FOR YOU LORH!!! Haha!! Her wish flying from melacca to KK. WHY ARE YOU LEAVING AT THE WRONG TIME? WHYYY???)
  8. Yasmin (My Jie Jie! Didn't see her for a month! Miss her so much!)
  9. Audrey (Thanks a lot too!)
  10. Meng Jiun (a.k.a Billy zai. lol)
  11. Peh Ge (Wishes before she went to S'pore. Haha!)
  12. Hui En (Who suddenly thought of me when she was lying on her bed? Funny lar..)
  13. My mom (LOL!)
  14. Yan Jing (Who wanted to send a Birthday song to my phone but i couldn't receive. Anyhow, Thanks a lot for that!)
  15. CKK (Who is sick and currently waiting for porridge from someone. Hah! Kidding!)
  16. ZenJ (Who like to take random shots of people.LOL.)
  17. Chooi Ling (My cousin in Penang who was borned on the same day as SY. Haha..)
  18. Charlotte (via SY's phone)
  19. Ming Jie (My dai lou which only know my birthday before.. less than 10 days ago? What kinda jie mei is this? Haha!)
  20. Elaine (Our leng lui junior in girl guides. Heh.)
  21. Seh Sen (The "28 gong" which is celebrating his birthday on TODAY too. LOL.)
  22. Annatasia (Via Friendster. Thanks!)
  23. Sheen Yeen (Who want to be the few last ones to wish. And TADA, you ARE the last one! LOL!)

No matter how early or how late your wishes arrive, thanks a bunch to the name listed above! Heeeee..

Anyway, went to Sunway Pyramid in the morning till evening with my friends (Mandy, Sheen Yeen, Jacky, Keith, ZenJ, CKK). Everyone is very punctual today, eh? Haha.

Mandy, me, Sheen Yeen. In front of the Red-Chirstmas-Trees-which-don't-really-look-like-trees. LOL.

Mandy and Sheen Yeen went for piercings. The same shop i went for my piercings. Should look at Mandy's expression. As if she didn't pierce her ears before? Hahahaha!!
Sheen Yeen the SMALL KID with her SMALL KID pose. This is just one of the photos, anyway. *laughs*.

Later at 11.00am we headed to Red Box Karaoke to..... cheong K!!!! Things that i waited for so long! RM16 per person with 2 glass of drinks. Quite reasonable, larh.

Sheen Yeen, Mandy, Zen Jie.

Keith, CKK, Jacky.

The girls. Fighting for the mic? Haha...

Sang continuously for 3 hours. Oh wait, not sang, but screamed. LOL. Screamed our lungs out! Good way to release stress, eh? Whether it was Chinese song or English song, i just keep singing+yelling even if i'm not familiar with the song. I was.. quite high. Gah. Once in a year, so never mind right? Even though i sang till the key is off, i still love to sing. The mic is mine! Hahaha!

Anyway, others were trying to give me a surprise as Mandy and ZenJie went out to buy a cake for me. YET, UNFORTUNATELY (lol.), i was coming back from the toilet that time and "oops?", i saw Mandy holding the cake outside the room. Hahahaha!! Wrong timing. Nevertheless, thanks a lot to all of you, who sang the birthday song for me too. Heeeee~ Will miss those moments.

Later, we went to Carl's Jr. to have our lunch. The burgers are so big. One is enough to fill my entire stomach. LOL.

Mandy eating her chicken salad. Oh wait, is her chicken ONLY. She didn't finish those vege. Paid RM10, just for that piece of chicken. OH WAIT, NOT RM10 BUT RM50. Guess what? The Sesat Queen FORGOT to take her change after giving out a RM50 note to the cashier. So, that piece of chicken = RM50, which somehow made it RM5 per bite. OMG!
(bohoo Mandy, i blogged about it. You can't stop me. Muahahahaha..)

Camwhoring with SY after eating. lol.

Random shot #1.

Random shot #2.
Jumped into my parent's car at about 3.30pm while others continue to enjoy at there. Gah. How i wish i can spend longer time with them! Eeeeekk!

Cake #1. The box.

Cake #2. Chocolate Tiramisu! Looks yummy, right? And it IS tasty. Especially the melted thick chocolate part and the middle layer. Yummmmmm~ Once again, thanks to Mandy, SheenYeen, Jacky, Keith, CKK, and ZenJie for the cake!

Yumm.. yumm.. i HAD to finish the cake in the car before the ANTS. Stupid ants. Stupid stupid stupid.

Bought a pair of short pants and a skirt (oh yea. Finally, a skirt. I don't have one previously, if the one in primary school is not counted. A girl that doesn't own a skirt. Don't laugh.) But they are rather CNY clothes instead of birthday presents, right? Hahaha..

Had steamboat for dinner. I'm feeling so full, even until now. Bohoo.

Anyway, special thanks to my pet sis, Ai Wen, for my present given by her one month ago.


My fav. I love love love this key chain! The one that i said "feel-like-buying-one-whenever-i-see-one". Heh.

Present from SL. What is this? Wait till it grow into a plant (successfully) and i'll tell you. LOL.

The world is so peaceful today. Wee~