My Song!

Initially want to post about Times Square. But I don't know why, this not-so-new song popped up in my mind, and looking at the lyrics again, i have a thought like "Hey! This is my song, for now!" And yea, it is.

Now it is representing my feeling entirely. 100%.

xie xie ni rang wo ai guo ni
Thank you for letting me love you before

感覺天氣冷了 就加件毛衣
gan jue tian qi leng le, jiu jia jian mao yi
When the weather turns cold wear an extra coat

而不是急著躲進 某個人的懷裏
er bu shi ji zhe duo jin, mou ge ren de huai li
And not hide in someone’s arms

這麽簡單的常識 我竟然忘記
zhe me jian dan de chang shi, wo jing ran wang ji
I actually forgot such common sense

直到你離去 才恢復記憶
zhi dao ni li qu, cai hui fu ji yi
Until you left then I recovered my memory

還可以呼吸 心跳也還規律
hai ke yi hu xi, xin tiao ye hai gui lu
Still can breathe and my heart still beats

只除了寂寞 它還不肯馬上就平息
zhi chu le ji mo, ta hai bu ken ma shang jiu ping xi
Other than loneliness, it still cannot calm down immediately

相戀和失戀 如果說都需要練習
xiang lian he shi lian, ru guo dou shi qu yao lian xi
If to love and to be out of love needs practise

一次學會 兩種也算好事情
yi ci xue hui, liang zhong ye xuan shi hao shi qing
Perhaphs it is good to learn both of them at the same time

xie xie ni jiao hui wo ai qu yao liang ke xin
Thank you for teaching me that love needs 2 hearts

xie xie ni shi fan le shen me ren gai fang qi
Thank you for teaching me what kind of person should i give up

xie xie ni ti xing wo tong hui huan xing yong qi
Thank you for reminding me that pain will call courage

謝謝你曾讓我這樣的 愛過你
xie xie ni ceng rang wo zhe yang de ai guo ni
Thank you for letting me love you in the past

只要睜開眼睛 就有好風景
zhi yao zheng kai yan jing, jiu you hao feng jing
Just open my eyes and i will see beautiful sceneries

再不用苦苦等你 偶爾的好心情
zai bu yong ku ku deng ni, ou er de hao xin qing
No need to wait for your occasional good mood

這種簡單的快樂 比玫瑰美麗
zhe zhong jian dan de kuai le, bi mei gui mei li
Such easy joy is prettier than roses

我相信傷心 會慢慢痊愈
wo xiang xin shang xin, hui man man quan yu
I believe sadness will slowly fade away

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I found the lyrics in traditional chinese. I did not translate it into pin yin. And i did not translate it into english, too. So if you find the english translation weird, don't blame it on me.

Not uploading the MV here because it was one of the worst MV of S.H.E. Wasted larh. Such nice lyrics.



Old liao lah! Learn to take care of yourself leh! Hahah!

Stay cute, stay sweet, stay pretty, stay sampat, and last but not least, STAY SESAT.
All the best in your future larh. Don't forget me when you get married to your Mr.Right (found him now? xD)

Updates on Time Square and Langkawi photos coming really soon! i think i blog for almost everyday. LOL.

泪已够. 累已够. Let it go.
(read them aloud. They sounds the same. lol)