Oh.. why am i here? I should be taking my undang test, eh? Oh so sad, i failed the test. Oh sob sob...


Nyeh. The instructor has some sort of emergency and the test is delayed. When i got the news my heart leapt a little like "Wohee~ I got more time to study!!". LOL...

F.Y.I, i haven't finish reading the book, OK? Don't ask me why am i so tense about exam like such (Oh! It is not even a school exam!). I feel nervous when i'm unprepared, for any sort of test. Additionally, i don't want to waste my parent's money. I can buy a nice blouse with that RM40. Gah.

Is this a miracle?

Believe in miracles. Someone told me this before. But sometimes miracle just refuse to come when you need it so much, don't you agree so?