Merry X-mas!

A wish that arrive later by... almost a day? Spend my Christmas at One Utama. With the white christmas trees? But i think their decoration last year was nicer compared to this year. Not that i can remember how it looked like, but i have the photo of it in my phone. Surprise! Surprise! Too lazy to upload it here, though. Gah.

Anyway, the end of December is near! Remember i came out with a so-called tag about "25 things to do after SPM"? Haha! Now is the time, to look at it again, and see whether i've done what i've planned.

i'm having nothing much to update. So let's settle my update with this piece of crap.

Let's go!

1. Tidy up my table
(Done. The bookshelf is still nice. But the table..... since I’m not using it so often anymore, I just throw whatever stuff on it whenever I came back from lepak. It is messy, once again.) TICK.

2. Langkawi
(Enjoyed it. Start to miss those super-fast 3 days. Somehow, it signifies the end of some stuffs. If time can be reversed, I’ll definitely appreciate every moment of it even more. Seriously.) TICK.

3. Get my penghutang ice-cream to pay his debt.
(Paid. Haha..) TICK.

4. Sing aloud facing the beach.
(I screamed instead. LOL. I sing aloud in the car and hotel la.) TICK. (consider la..)

5.Take loads of photo along the scenic beach!
(ZenJ took a lot of them in Langkawi. I took a number of it in Pangkor, even though not as pro as ZenJ’s. LOL) TICK.

6. Go SHOPPING with my friends
(In Langkawi and Time Square. Have another one coming soon. Wee~) TICK.

7. Go for karaoke with my friends
(still planning. Lol. Hope everything is OK!) TICK. (make myself happy. lol.)

8. Learn the song "Yuan Dian" with Sheen Yeen.
(oops? Didn’t really learn. LOL.) no tick.

9. Try prom dresses from shops with my friends.
(I only tried a dress in Time Square and it is not a prom dress. LOL. Prom over liao la..) no tick.

10. Get piercings on my ear.
(Done! Wohee~ That’s why I bought 4 pairs of earrings at one time in Times Square. LOL). TICK.

11. Prom.
(it was just over. I’m sure that it would be an unforgettable night for some people *ahem..ahem* Frankly speaking, OK la, I enjoyed jumping up and down even though my ears ache so much. Enjoyed camwhoring with friends too. Lol. lol. lol. It might be one of the memorable night for me BUT not unforgettable. Er, what am I talking?) TICK.

12. Get a job
(I’m getting one next Tuesday! :D :D :D. If everything goes well, lah. Not a full-timer, anyway. But better than rotting in home.)TICK. (even though it does not happen yet).

13. Primary school, 6H gathering.
(Doesn’t seems possible. I didn’t heard any news regarding this. Gah.) no tick.

14. Wait for class mag and school mag.
(Have to wait for next year liao. Saw the class mag, anyway. Heh.) no tick.

15. Learn Adobe Photoshop.
(Yes I did! Even though still quite noob-ish at it. =D) TICK.

16. Do some renovation on my blog
(done. Look at my white white background. Ahh~ love it. I can use colourful fonts now. And it is easier to read.) TICK.

17. Go for a vacation with my family.
(Lumut+Pangkor+Ipoh. Refer to older post in this month. =D) TICK.

18. Explore the Maple map..
(Lazyyyyyyy larrrrrr.....) no tick.

19.Learn to cook
(*big stupid smile* Fine, I’ll just settle with instant noodle with the rest of my life. I still know how to cook nothing. LOL..) no tick.

20. Go club with my friends & my mom
(Yes yes I did! In fact, I prefer swimming with my mom. Firstly, we go at night, and there will be no sunlight at all! Secondly, I’ll just keep swimming without stopping to talk. LOL.) TICK.

21. Draw, draw and DRAW!!!!
(only draw.. 1 or 2 piece of artwork?! Too busy flying around. LOL.) TICK.

22. Search for info-s on future studies. =]
(did not really do so. But I’ll do so in January, OK? I’ll start to be serious next year. Haha..) no tick.

(Done! Wahahaha.....) TICK.

24. Learn driving
(Will settle this next month. Oh by the way, dad has been teaching me driving for these few days. Keep “mati engine”. Gahhhh..) TICK.

25. Get my own phone
(Not yet. When will it be? Sooner or later it will come, when I desperately need it. xD) not tick.


17 over 25. Not bad, huh?

These are some stuffs i planned to do in january:
  • Work. And earn my own money. LOL.
  • Shop for clothes with my own money. Somehow, i'm having wardrobe problem. Ohmigosh. I sounds so girly. Gahh..
  • Shop for CNY clothes! :D :D :D Again, i sounds so girly.
  • Settle my driving lesson. But seems like i might have to wait after CNY, huh?
  • Find more details on further studies
  • Online less, and sleep earlier. Seriously. Eyebags are getting worse! Oh my!!
  • Continue to go out swimming with my mom. I love it!

That's all i can think of for now. New year, new life. Friends around me might start schooling or working and we might not be able to see each other and lepak together so often, anymore.

So, people, don't stop updating your blog, OK? I think blog is a good way to keep in touch, as in you know what happend to your friend recently, even though you might not be chatting with them much. Keep Blogging!