Looks like i no longer have the patience to wait for photos. And I'm freaking bored now! So i have to settle this post with the photos from my camera FIRST. Photos from ZenJ's cam will be coming very soon. At least i hope so. I MISS THOSE PICS!

Oh by the way, i went to Sunway Pyramid just now and have my ears pierced. Sheen Yeen and the others, if you all are reading this, SORRY LORH. Didn't wait for you guys for piercings. I don't meant to ffk you guys OK? Now i can't touch seafood and eggs for 2 weeks. Eggs! How cruel can this be?
(update: The "just now" refers to the evening of 8 Dec 2008. i took 2 days to complete a post. Yikes!)

Back to the trip. Reached Keith's home around 6 and the 1st thing i said was "Oh! Same bag!". Gah. The bag of both of us were totally the same. Luckily i chained my Woodoo Doll to my bag. Hah.

The journey to airport was relatively quiet. Almost everyone was still half-awake, anyway. So, blah-blah-blah-, we did this and that, and it is the time to hop on the plane! FINALLY! The 1 hour on the plane passed by very fast. Too fast, indeed. [1 hour seems to be so bloody long to me now, as i'm left totally nothing to do. Gah] So we took our Naza Ria and went jakun-ing until we reached Kuah Town. LOL. Seriously speaking i felt as if we are participating The Amazing Race. Keith-the-boss was reading the map and Jacky-the-driver was driving the car. As for the passengers (like me), our roles were.... become the free radio station! Hah!

After having our brunch we went to shop around and reached this shop selling caps, bags, shades, etc etc. And we started to camwhore with the shades, once again.

Ahaha. Me and Mandy with our shades. Not belonged to us, obviously. The jor-deng price tags. LOL.

After loitering around for awhile, we went to check in our hotel, Bella Vista. It really looks like a castle from outside but not in the room. A castle without DVD player. Ugh.

The castle. Owh the castle. Where's the prince? LOL!

Apparently some problem occurred, so Hui En and ZenJ went down to settle them. [Ahem. I am very lazy to go into detail for the problems. Ignore it.] Fearing that the management found out that we actually brought in more people than it should be, the so-called extra ones went to hide themselves at somewhere else.

p/s: The blogger feels lazy suddenly to continue on this post.. Gah.. KEEP HOLDING ON!

Mandy and Jacky. What a pose.

The other extra ones. Ahaha!

After settling our stuffs we went out to meet with Justina at Langkawi Fair. The reason i could remember the name of the shopping mall is..... I HAVE THE RECEIPT OF THE LUNCH WITH ME. Hoho. I'm gonna keep it as memories. Heh. So we went window shopping here and there, bla-bla-blah- (again), and headed back to the hotel ,again.

See? See? I desperately need those photos to blog. I have poor memories, you know. I NEED photos to recall my memory. LOL.

Back to the hotel, some of them started to play cards. [By the way, before i forgot, Mandy's blue boy, or rather PLAYBOY (*laughs laughs laughs*) got stretched badly throughout the trip. It seriously lost its elasticity. Ahaha!!] After some time we left the hotel again and went to travel without a map. *trying to get lost but failed*

Oh the pretty ZenJ. With Mandy's cap and earings. LOL!

p/s: sigh. yawns. I'm so lazy to continue larh.. keeping the following stuffs for tomorrow.
Yi Ting is back! OK i can continue the story now.

After that, we went to Dataran Helang to take photos, and together we waited for the sunset! The view was magnificent, and again i'm out of word to describe it. LOL. And A.G.A.I.N, those beautiful photos were all in ZenJ's cam! *Screams* I miss those photos larh, seriously. These are some photos from my cam:

The gang No.1. Hah!

The Gang No.2. Kinda like this photo. It is natural. And ZenJ was caught red-handed, for camwhoring (note his hand). Hahahahah!!!

We exchanged our flip-flops as we left the hotel. And we walked like this for the whole night (if not mistaken) without realising. Nothing big, anyway. Jacky almost went out with his hair tied up like a cute little girl. That, was really amusing.

I darkened the photo. So you cant see the face. *muahaha...*

Shaunie, with double shades. LOL.

Look! She's hot! (i know someone agree with this) *laugh-out-loud* She looks as if she was promoting her shades. So yao-yeng. [Shaunie, you don't have any photo of mine as revenge! MUAHAHAHA..]

After this, we went to the night market nearby before stopping at a Chinese restaurant to have our dinner. Didn't ate much, though. And LUCKILY we didn't eat much. I am quite ashamed to say this, but Chinese restaurants ALWAYS charge the tourist extra. stupid
Later we headed back to the hotel and some started to play cards again, this time with real money. Sheen Yeen, Julia and Hui En slept earlier, though. Mandy and I was looking at the photos in ZenJ's camera and we started to laugh like lunatics, which contribute to my mild headache later on. Hey, we discovered that he LOVES to take the shots of other's armpit. (And luckily there were no sweaty ones. Eww! ) Slept at around 1, without listening to ghost stories. That's something good.
Almost everyone planned to wake up at 8 but apparently, at around 6++, everyone was already awake, without the need of alarm clock (unlike the 2nd night. Keep reading and you'll know why). Guys went down to have th eir breakfast at the hotel's restaurant and the girls stayed in the room. If not mistaken, i was singing loudly in the room that time. Owhh. I did that throughout the trip. Sang out loud in the room, in the car, in the toilet (no i did not. ahem). I didn't sing aloud facing the sea, though. I SCREAMED. *smile*
Back to the hotel. The guys returned with some smuggled potato wedges. Aww, i miss those potato wedges! So yummy *yum... yum..* After this we went out again, trying to look for Tanjung Rhu and stopped at somewhere i couldn't remember the name. (Friends, where was the jetty? Tanjung Rhu? Eh? I seriously got POOR memories. OHMYGOSH) Whatever it is. 10 of us hopped on a boat and here comes the fun part! We went to some mangrove swamps [with those prop roots, aerial roots, buttress roots, pneumatophores, etc etc.. you know? (i shall stop this before any punch lands on my face)]. Plus, we get to see some colourful crabs. [There's a blue one which is really beautiful. Too bad i couldn't find a pink one. =( ] There were some monkeys (Keith's friend) bathing and they were so cute!!
We stopped at a fishing village (Not exactly. Just somewhere that has fishes. LOL) and saw archer fish! If you still have your Physics Success with you (if, IF), turn to page 265 and look at the Contextual Corner. That is the one! The smart fish, shot everything and anything that was white in colour, and seems to like Mandy very much. Haha! So cute. Later on we stopped at a cave and encountered a tour guide, an annoying one. She rushed us to walk faster because of HER team. But hey, if YOU are rushing for time, we can just go before us, right? Ugh. Saw some bats in the cave and fortunately they DID NOT poo on us (even though their butts face upwards but due to gravitational force, the shyts will STILL go down, and down, and down on our heads, right? Ewww!!).
Before i forgot (i totally forgot about this until i saw the next photo), we saw eagles too! But the eagles were not attracted to our food. Sigh.
The eagle. Look so small in this photo. LOL.
On our way back we went out to stand at the front part of boat, and I must say, this was the BEST thing of all. Sea breeze was blowing hard (until my life jacket almost blew open), and it was so cooling. The breathtaking sea view unfold in front of us, and we were really near to the nature. SEA I LOVE YOU! The boat was going real fast, and the feeling was really... nice. (i'm short of vocabularies again.)
Guess whose butt were those? xD
After saying farewell to this, we went to look for beautiful beach and found Tengkorak (Oh wait. This came first or the crystal making? Ugh, whatever it is.). It was a really beautiful beach, and the sea view truly captured my heart. Miss the beach, again. Even though i'll be going to Pangkor with my family next week, but things will not the exactly the same, right? Again (and again), those photos (i repeat) WERE IN ZEN JIE'S CAMERA. Gah. I'm missing those photos badly. I want photos i want photos i want photos!!

Later we went to a craft centre and witnessed the crystal making process. (Cool man. We were just whole bunch of teenager and without a tour guide, we were able to discover such place. Cool BOSS and DRIVER. xD) So blah-and-blah, we went to have our lunch, and went to the Cenang Beach to have our water sports! Yeah!
Before that:

I think this photo was taken on the 2nd day, larh. 3 of them trying small kid's sunglasses. And the one Hui En was seriously hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing whenever i zoomed the photo. Hahahaha!!!

Back to the beach. Men, Jac, Keith and ZenJ went for JetSki while me, SY, Patty and Bobo went for banana boat. Had loads of fun there. Patty did something really funny when our Banana Boat was overturned. And BY THE WAY, we saw a WOMEN lying half naked on the beach. OMG. Feeling unsatisfied with swimming in the sea water, we went back to the hotel and continued to swim. And F.Y.I, the guys were still shirtless in the car (and Jacky was driving shirtless too) while me, sy, and men were still wet. I wonder what the others think when they look at our car. A car packed with teenager in such condition. LOL. Like what Mandy said, YOUNGSTER NOWADAYS!!!!

So we went back to the hotel's pool and the guard didn't not allow me to go into the water just because i was wearing a BLACK t-shirt. What's wrong with that? Anyway, not a big problem to me as i just take out my T-shirt and jumped into the pool in my swimsuit. Heh. Bobo, ZenJ, Sheen Yeen and me were trying to have a "dog-style race" in the water but i stopped half way cuz i couldn't resist to laugh. That was the MOST tiring style of swimming, you know. After messing around in the pool for awhile the girls, rushed up to the room, wishing to use the toilet before the guys, but failed. Yikes!
Blah-and-blah. They started to play cards again while another few of us tried to play True Or Dare in a funny way. Not long after that everyone joined the game but it became Truth Or Truth instead. Neh, i'm not afraid of this. My secrets were exposed long time ago. LOL. But some sensitive questions were asked at that night. We started to gossip about people *ahem*, and we chatted until 2am! Wow. Time seriously flies when we are talking, eh? Guys were drinking beers and luckily they were not drunk entirely. LOL.
I hardly can sleep for the whole night. Imagine being sandwitched in between two human i.e. Shaunie Ng May Qi and Chong Men Yee, which were both sleeping like a log and seems impossible to push them away. I was sleeping on the boundary of 2 mattress and i have no space to turn myself. (Ok, i have been complaining this over and over again, but just let me continue. *evil smirk*) I tried to sleep on the sofa instead but it was bloody cold. And guess what? it was only around 6 that time! No one was awake but me. Sigh. So i waited and waited (very impatiently) until the clock FINALLY struck eight. And here comes the alarm clock.
*clear throat*
QI LAI LAHHHH!!!! (WAKE UP LARHHHHH!!!!!) 8 O CLOCK ALREADY!!!! I'M SO BORED NOW!!! I HAVE NO ONE TO TALK TO!! WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!! *complain complain* * repeat repeat*.. WAKE UP!!!!
OK. I know the whole room is sick of my voice now.
But without me you guys will oversleep and our plans will be delayed. So, my intention is good, and i'm not the be blame.
*fishing for compliments again and again... awwww....*
As conclusion, i only slept for like.. 2 hours, and i can hardly stay awake for the whole day. I LOVE TO SLEEP. But how come i couldn't sleep that night? But not a bad thing afterall. My irritating voice was a memory, even though it sounds more like a nightmare to the others. HAHAHA!!
So, after checking out, we went to the cable car ride. [Before that. Stupid sofa. stupid stupid stupid. I think i have the longest scar among all the girls. Sigh!] We separate the gang into two. And Mandy was REALLY scared of the cable car! Look!

Ahahahah!! Look at her funny face. xD
We stopped by awhile at a stall to eat and drink something. FINALLY my penghutang ice-cream paid his debt. LOL. I have to use my own money for ice-cream next time. Gah.
neh... i'm feeling lazy to continue again!
Have our lunch, this and that, and we loitered around once again, just to finish the petrol. We sang alound in the car, not forgetting our theme song, 给我一首歌的时间, and it sounds like so: "Neng Bu Neng Gei Wo Yi Shou Ge De Shi Jian... Awwww!!" (The "Aww" was inspired from ZenJ. lol) We just keep singing and singing in the car, and i TRULY miss those moments. When we reached a roundabout, Jacky went round and round and the passenger started to yell like jakuns again. Kolian Julia. She had to bear with the weight of Sheen Yeen, me and Shaunie due to inertia. LOL.
Reached the airport and some problem occured. Again, i'm not going into the details. Besides, i wasn't around that time as i need to keep an eye on the luggage. Keep this part to be blogged by the others.
We skipped our dinner but i didn't really care. I was exhausted, anyway. (Oh ya, before we went lepak-ing around we visit the shops for CHOCOLATES!!!! Half packet of my Kisses are gone now. I want more c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e-s !! And my mom's D.O.Ms. They were so heavy to be carried around. Gah.) Was half asleep on the plane, and i would have dozed off if it was not because there was a really cute little boy dancing infront of me. Naughty yet cute. Haha!
I slept in the van even though it was so "shaky". I was that sleepy, and i slept till 12pm on the 2nd day.
That's all for Langkawi! Missing all the details (that i could remember, larh.)
By the way:

Our Naza Ria! KV1111 C. I'll miss you even you brought some trouble to us. =]
p/s: Clubhouse officially become my second home. I went there almost everyday and like it.
p/p/s: Bring me out, anyone? Even though i have been going out for almost everyday. Haha!
p/p/p/s: People, update about Langkawi larh!
p/p/p/p/s: I always feel moodless at night. Why?
p/p/p/p/p/s: Things are not gonna be the same. I miss school days. I even miss the month before SPM, A LOT. Seriously.
p/p/p/p/p/p/s: (last one) i LOVE my new blog layout. Frankly, easier to read those words. I should switch to this layout long time ago, even though i still miss my pink-and-black layout, a little. xD