End of 2008 is near ! ! ! (Scroll down for the serious part)

30 December 2008. Without realising, the year of 2008 comes to the end of it. So fast, yet so slow (?!).

Anyway, I went to Ogawa today and got the job. Wee~ Will start working at 2 January 2009. Same department with Poh Yee! According to her, my table is just few steps away from hers. Wahaha.. CKK is working there but in different department. I will be doing something gotta do with accounts, i think. Nyeh, i've never regret for taking Principle of Accounts as one of my SPM subject. In fact, accounts is one of the field i consider for my tertiary studies, next to medicine.

*going further and further*

Come back, come back. Er.. Once again, i'm feeling lifeless. What to do, i'm one of the member of TLO, i.e. Three-Lifeless-Ones. LOL. I think start working is a good decision since i can't stand loitering aimlessly in the house anymore. Guess what? I've been online, offline, online, offline, and online again for i-don't-know-how-many-times today. Even online can be boring. Save me, man.

Inspired by one of the latest post in Mandy's blog, i went to search for my old photos. She said she doesn't have any photo of mine in Form1 and 2. To tell the truth, i don't have many of them TOO. Hate to take photos back then. (And i camwhore quite often now. Gahhhhh). Don't ask me why. LOL.

Therefore, i just post a few of them here. To prevent nightmare to my dear blog readers. Heh.

(i do not scan them into the comp. I just capture them using digital camera again, making them the photo-in-photo. LOL.)

Mom said, the fella who took this photo for me (photo taken in studio) almost mistaken me as a BOY. Or was he kidding, huh? *clear throat* If i were a boy~ Even just for a day~ *start singing*.

One of my favorite childhood photo. lol.Lol.LoL.LOL.

My hair used to be really SHORT. Mushroom head. As what you can see.

It used to be really LONG too. Because my mom don't allow me to have long hair during primary school, thus during my early secondary, i'll try to keep my hair as long as possible (lol). I certainly can't stand this length of hair now. It is so thick. Eeeeee...


It is the end of 2008. I hope it'll have a nice ending. Thus, i would like to tell some stuffs here. Some stuffs, some thoughts, that is sincerely, from my heart.
Please don't treat this post as another random post larh. I mean every word i'm gonna say later.
Recently i found out that misunderstanding CAN kill. It can make someone so fed up with another one, it can bring tears, it can even affect the most precious gift in this world: FRIENDSHIP. We always do assumption. Assume that this person blah-blah-blah. That person blah-blah-blah. When assumption is wrong, here comes the problem.
Glad that some misunderstandings were solved. At least it seems to be solved. Like what mentioned somewhere, we all hope that we can laughed at this matter when we talk about this next time, OK?
If it is solved, why am i talking so serious here? Well, recently (er, not really recently actually) i found out there ARE some misunderstandings or rather be gossips which are associated with me. An easy example would be many people thought that "Oh you are so damn smart, you study everyday right?" and somehow assume i LOVE to study. I do enjoy doing calculations. I do enjoy gaining knowledge. But memorising facts like mad woman just for exams? You think i like it? How many people really do understand my situation? Having being called "genius" by friends (whether it is just a joke or whatever), being the top-girl in the school, do you think everything is so easy? People have high expectation on me, and even if they dont, I expect myself to achieve well. To tell the truth, i DON'T WANT to take my SPM result. I really don't.
Oh kay, SPM is over, leave this matter out for awhile.
Next, some people (it might be you, dear readers) have such thoughts that i'm close with some of my friends just because of a word: POPULARITY. They think that i become friend with them just because they are oh-so-popular in school? This is one of the assumption, made by the others, that hurt me a lot. What you see, what you think, might not be what it is true. So you think i'm NOT genuinely happy when i hang out with them? So you think when i actually faked my laughter when i laughed at their jokes? What else do you think? It's my own life, i know how to judge it. Everyone will change. We don't own our friends. They have the right to make new friends, as they want. How can i survive, if i fake myself all the time, just to be accepted in the so-called The Gang? So, i'm just making things clear here, that i DO REALLY ENJOY being friends with them and i appreciate our friendship. Beside, they are not just anyone. Some of them are those, that have been witnessing the changes in me for almost a decade. Once again, I DO NOT FAKE MYSELF ALL THIS WHILE. What you see now, the what i am now. Maybe i really do changed. But this is what i am now, accept it or not, it depends on you.
Moving on. This is some sort of sensitive issue. Do you think that i'm NOT serious in relationship-related problem, just because i don't wait for someone, or anyone, for years? Let me tell you what is in my mind now. Why does it seems like i'm NOT SERIOUS? Because, i'll never-ever let this kinda stuffs, to affect my studies, or even my mood, for a long time. We are just 17. We might be living in this world till 70. Who knows? So what for, spending so damn lots of time and energy, for someone, or anyone, that is fated not to be yours? Nevertheless, doesn't mean that i am NOT serious. The term NOT serious, somehow refers me, like a player? I'm just trying to let go, learning to let go, whenever i know, it is not the right person. Why have to make myself suffer, just for another person? Why want to affect my own future, for some other people? It is my life, anyway, right?
I understand it so well, because i just realised, i'm able to go through some stuffs, and not to be upset about them, anymore. =]]
Thus, here are the 3 main things that i feel like explaining. Again, i truly hope that i'll be able to solve all the misunderstandings that is associated with me. Sometimes, we do hurt people, without the knowing of ourselves. So, people, if i ever hurt you, please DO tell me. Let's don't bring on hatred, or any sorts of bad feeling, to the following year.
And again and again, what you see, might not be the real thing. I realise what i did (especially my facial expression) always cause misunderstanding to the others. LOL.
Sometimes, i miss her so much:

Who is she? She's the inner child of the blogger.

P/s: OMG. I almost sent out 400 sms-es this month. NEW RECORD man!
P/p/s: OMG OMG. it is almost 2a.m. now!! What the.....?! Fine, i'll be unable to sleep so late if i start working. So, enjoy sleeping late, owh~ (........)