Blogging using a laptop now.

It's 2009, everyone! After 1 and a half more hour. Blogging using Marc's laptop now, and not familiar with it. Bohoo~ What am i waiting for? For the fireworks to appear in the sky! Frankly speaking i'm quite bored now.

Arrived here at about 6++ by shaunie's car. And start to eat eat and eat. I'm SO gonna gain weight tonight, seriously! And because i'm not using my own comp now, i can't upload those photos in my camera now. LOL.

Some are playing the so-called drinking game now. Some are out there, chit-chatting. I'm here, blogging. LOL.

*now playing: Fall For You*


Went out to lepak at Sheen Yeen's party nearby just now. Have fun playing with the swing (and sing aloud, as usual). And AS USUAL, whenever i start to scream+sing, i start to get high. Gahhh.. Even though i'm causing noice pollution, but it is nice, you know? *evil laughs*

Well, party is meant to get crazy, not just doing something that i do for almost everyday.

Like blogging.


Anyway, photos will be posted in the next post, if i still feel like doing so. I'm very full now. But i feel like stuffing another piece of cookie made by PehGe. They are so damn yummy.

*Stop, YiTing, Stoppppppp!!!!!!!*

I got nothing more to say. But if i stop blogging now i'll be left totally nothing to do again. Gah. Gah. Gahh.......

*Now playing: Complicated*
What should i do? continue to spam my own blog?

So lifeless.

Ok larh. signing off. Before that, if you have not read my previous post, (the serious part), please do so. LOL.

Bye bloggie..... *Tak sampai hati*

Clock strike 12 faster, please.